New boats and a promise from the Municipality of Ruse give wings to SK “Danube”

New boats and a promise from the Municipality of Ruse give wings to SK “Danube”
New boats and a promise from the Municipality of Ruse give wings to SK “Danube”

The newly established canoe-kayak club “Danube” – Ruse started the new season with a water festival on the bright holiday of Crossroads

Father Svetoslav blessed the children, coaches, parents and the equipment arrived from abroad, with which the club’s athletes under the guidance of their mentors Eva Pasheva and Marinela Tsoneva will train at Lake Lipnik, Ruse Media informs.

About 20 boats from England and Germany are already part of the SC’s inventory “Danube‘, with some of them being training and others high-end for racing. They were provided through the member of the board of the club and parent of one of the children, Stefan Stoyanov, who made the contact in England, and through the former competitor of Eva Pasheva Martin Nikolov.

Boatsthey are one of the important prerequisites for the club’s work, and the other is the presence of base. “Until now, the only thing stopping us for the license documents was the exact address and hangar. Today /yesterday-b.a./ we had an extremely constructive, useful and well-intentioned meeting in the Municipality with the responsible deputy mayor Encho Enchev and his team and with the other rowing clubs. They all want to help children who have proven themselves with their successes. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. It was decided that next week a team from the Municipality will come and do a survey of the lake’s terrain, with two options where the municipality will allow it to be fenced off, to put up movable objects, to have video surveillance, so that we have base“, he shared Eva Pasheva. Until then boatsthey will be stored for them with the assistance of the Locomotive Club.

The original idea for base it will not be possible to use the facility provided to businessman Plamen Zdravkov, explained the coach. Zdravkov in good faith wished to give the building to the club to help them, but it turns out that according to his contract with the Municipality, he has no right to rent it to third parties. “However, the municipality extended a hand to us and I hope that in the future we will become one of the clubs in the country with the best base“, he also said Eva Pasheva.

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