They seized over 100,000 items from a commodity market in Sofia

They seized over 100,000 items from a commodity market in Sofia
They seized over 100,000 items from a commodity market in Sofia

More than 100,000 items were seized from a goods bazaar in Sofia after an operation by employees of the “Cybercrime” department at the GDBOP. A specialized police operation was carried out to counter the illegal distribution of products bearing the designations of protected trademarks, the Ministry of the Interior announced. The police actions are carried out under the supervision of the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office and with the help of Europol representatives.

Through pages in social networks and a website, products marked with the logos of various world-famous brands were illegally offered for sale. The activity was carried out without the legally required consent of the rights holders, and the rights to the registered trademarks were systematically violated.

Over 100,000 items seized – mobile phone accessories, portable speakers, joysticks, headphones, chargers and more. The activity of the internet pages from which the products are offered has been suspended.

The investigation into the case continues under the direction of the prosecutor’s office, with the questioning of witnesses, the appointment of experts and the filing of charges.

A few days ago, customs officials at the “Captain Andreevo” Border Checkpoint detained nearly 100,000 textile products, perfumes, shoes and accessories on suspicion of violating intellectual property rights. In the past month, a total of 51 attempts to transfer goods with logos of protected trademarks were prevented, reports the “Customs” Agency.

GDBOP is the head of the European group that works in the line of combating crimes against intellectual property, counterfeit goods and money.

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