PG in tourism and light industry – Blagoevgrad is the first innovative high school

PG in tourism and light industry – Blagoevgrad is the first innovative high school
PG in tourism and light industry – Blagoevgrad is the first innovative high school

The professional high school for tourism and light industry “Gotse Delchev” in Blagoevgrad officially opened the new school year. The high school implements an admission plan for four modern and attractive specialties: “Assistant to a doctor in dental medicine”; “Advertising Graphics”; “Kettering”; “Organization and Technology of Hairdressing Services”.

“From this school year, the school is innovative” – shared about Radio Blagoevgrad Dimitrina Ivanova, director of the high school. “Our innovation is connected in a meaningful way and is the result, I can say, of the efforts and focused work of all our colleagues in the direction of developing and improving our students and our high school. During the last three years, we have been implementing an admission plan in a new specialty “Dental Physician Assistant”, which is still the only one in the country. Our colleagues are developing new school curricula and study programs for studying this specialty. With this, we applied to the Ministry of Education and Science. I’m glad we were appreciatedIvanova added.

Nicoleta is a student in the 10th grade and studies the specialty “Advertising Graphics”: “I like computers, I like to draw. We have a new, modern room with computers, and that makes me very happy.”

Atanaska is a student in the 10th grade and enrolled in the specialty “Dental Physician Assistant”: “I wanted to study something related to medicine. When I found out that this was the first class in the country, I decided that it was right for me and I was very happy. We learn how to assist a dentist, we go to a dental office and are shown everything visually. First we study theory, then we go to practice. I think we will be able to find a job quickly, and since we are the first and only class in the country with the specialty “Dental Medical Assistant”, I think it will be even easier for us to realize ourselves in the labor market.”

The students, for whom this academic year is the last in high school, were very excited. “We feel the school as our second home. Our class and our class teacher Mrs. Lyudmila Ivanova are our second family– shared some of them.

The school welcomes its graduates with a new vision. The building has been renovated and the classrooms have been renovated. The school has modernly furnished classrooms for study practice, has two new computer rooms, a catering/presentation hall. The first fully equipped restaurant with a kitchen in Bulgaria was opened in the high school, where students majoring in “Catering” conduct part of their practice.

We wish the students, teachers and management of PG on tourism and light industry “Gotse Delchev” Blagoevgrad good health and a successful school year!

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