The bell rang for the first time for nearly 700 first-timers in Veliko Tarnovo

The bell rang for the first time for nearly 700 first-timers in Veliko Tarnovo
The bell rang for the first time for nearly 700 first-timers in Veliko Tarnovo

8,800 students entered classrooms

With many positive emotions, festive mood and excitement among young and old – this is how Veliko Tarnovo welcomed the first day of school. 8,800 students entered classrooms. 680 are the first-graders – for another year they are growing. Of all the students, more than 7,000 are graduates of the municipal schools, and about 1,800 – of the state vocational high schools in the old capital city.

Mayor Daniel Panov was a guest at the opening at the “St. Patriarch Evtimii, “Vela Blagoeva” SU, “Emilian Stanev” SU and “Arkus” American College, handed over from the municipality.

“The first day of school is not forgotten and is remembered for a lifetime. Today we remember with excitement the first teacher, the first written letters, the opening of the primer. We are proud to live in the historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria. We are fortunate that the number of students in our city is increasing for another year, at the same time – in difficult and challenging times. All this brings us optimism and hope for a good future for Veliko Tarnovo”, said Daniel Panov during the school celebrations. He wished the first-graders to boldly enter the world of knowledge, to create many new friendships in their second home – the classrooms.

“Read more and more. Each of your successes is a source of pride for the Old Capital,” Panov addressed the older students.

The mayor expressed gratitude to the teachers for their dedication to the education of children and young people, for their upbringing in the spirit of patriotism. Daniel Panov also addressed the parents with words of thanks.

Guests at the opening of the school year in various schools were also the deputy mayors Snezhana Daneva-Ivanova, Neiko Genchev and Prof. Georgi Kamarashev, as well as the chairman of the Municipal Council Vencislav Spirdonov. And at a ceremony, the Staroprestol High School of Economics officially adopted the name of its patron – the famous Veliko Tarnovo, financier and banker during the time of the Kingdom of Bulgaria – Dr. Petar Aladjov. Among the guests was his daughter – Princess Theophana von Sachsen.

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