Heating Sofia: Customers will receive new invoices for the VAT adjustment

Heating Sofia: Customers will receive new invoices for the VAT adjustment
Heating Sofia: Customers will receive new invoices for the VAT adjustment

Customers of “Toplofikatsia Sofia” with balance accounts from 31.07.2022 will receive a new invoice and a credit note for the correction, the company announced. Amounts due will be deducted from subsequent invoices.

Here are the answers to the most important questions about adjusting balancing accounts.

When will adjustments on balancing accounts be visible to customers?

The monthly invoices issued on 31.08.2022 are already visible in the system of the company and payment operators, and from September 20, the corrective documents for the general invoices (balancing accounts) with the date of issue of 1.09.2022 will be available for customers.

What documents will be issued for the adjustments made on a general invoice?

Customers will receive tax documents for the correction, which are a new invoice and a credit note only for the difference between the estimated energy billed and the actual consumption and will only apply to the general invoices (balancing accounts) with an issue date of 31.07.2022.

Customers who have already paid the total invoice with 20% value added instead of 9% VAT what should they do?

Amounts due will be automatically refunded to customer invoices and will serve as a deposit/deduct from subsequent invoices due. Users who have no obligations, both on the general invoices (balancing accounts) and on the current invoice for the month of August, the amount can be paid at the cash desk or serve as a further obligation.

What is the deadline for payment of the general invoice and adjustment of the general invoice?

The terms of payment are defined in the general terms and conditions between the parties and they are 30 days for business and 45 days for domestic users from the date of issuing the invoices. This rule will also be applied to new invoices for the amount of the adjustment.

Will interest be charged on unpaid general invoices dated 07/31/2022, on which corrections have been made afterwards?

After the expiration of the period for voluntary payment, late interest is charged on the invoices, and for the amount of the correction made in accordance with the general conditions, a new period for voluntary payment will be applied, starting from the date of issuing the invoice – 45 days for household and 30 for commercial customers.

Can we summarize which invoices will be issued corrections?

Only for those issued on 31.07.2022 in the event that the actual amount consumed exceeds the estimated amount charged during the reporting period – 01.05.2021 – 30.04.2022.

What should customers know who will have adjustments to their general invoice due to unsecured access on their part or their neighbors?

Attention should be paid to the fact that the corrections to the annual balances submitted by the share distribution companies will be carried out immediately after the corrections to the VAT rate for the purpose of greater clarity and comprehensibility by consumers, and not together.

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