The Bulgarian buys only the most necessary, there is no money for anything else

Consumption has definitely shrunk, it is massively directed towards essential goods. Against the background of certain periods, we currently have a rather serious contraction in demand, the market is very close to perfect competition.

This was stated to BNT by the chairman of the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Markets, Vladimir Ivanov. The consumer basket is 23% more expensive compared to the previous year.

According to him, many of the changes in prices are due to the created negative expectations. Ivanov urged not to use the market to achieve other goals, as the market is sensitive. He called for more awareness and understanding from consumers.

According to Vladimir Ivanov, there is a lot of fear and ignorance about the energy market, but the market has the unique ability to regulate itself. There will likely be upward trends given that winter requires the use of more energy resources.

He pointed out that we have a very good harvest of both fruits and vegetables.

In the food market, we have stabilization, the last peak moment was on April 30, then there was a smooth decline until the end of May, Ivanov said.

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