The new academic year was officially opened at the Agrarian High School in Dobrich – 2022.09.15 – Others

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Among the official guests of the celebration at the high school were the deputy mayor of Dobrich, Dr. Emilia Baeva, Desislava Ivanova from the Regional Directorate “Agriculture” and the chairperson of the Dobrudja Union of Grain Producers, Radostina Zhekova.

The deputy mayor of the municipality of Dobrich, Dr. Emilia Baeva, expressed her gratitude for being able to share the excitement and joy of the first day of school, together with the graduates of the agrarian high school. “Remember the excitement of that day, for you are called to deal with that which is the symbol of our field. I am glad to see so many students eager to study agriculture. Take all the knowledge you get from your teachers, from the farmers, from all of us who really want you to become so educated that one day we will be proud of you,” she said.

“Dear eighth-graders, thank you for the choice you have made for your further education, namely to study at our high school. I thank the parents for the trust they have placed in our high school. I wish you here to gain not only knowledge, but also skills. I wish you these 5 years to be unforgettable, to meet the best friendships, to move forward and to keep good memories” – with these words, the director of the educational institution addressed the youngest in the high school, who are just timidly stepping on the school threshold.

The chairman of the Dobrudja Union of Grain Producers, Radostina Zhekova, also greeted the high school students. “You are our hope, our future, you are the ones we believe in. You look strong, confident and we are waiting for you. You are always welcome with us, you will leave this education barefoot, but we will be there to welcome you,” she said.

Under the sound of the first school bell, students crossed the threshold of high school and headed for the vast ocean of new knowledge.

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