Will hundreds of parking spaces be freed up in Plovdiv? They vote on an ordinance to pick up the old cars

The amendment to the regulation on the repatriation of abandoned cars on streets and parking lots is finally up for a vote in the Plovdiv Municipal Council. For more than a year, TrafficNews has been writing about the problem, how city authorities are unable or unwilling to translate their regulations into national law.

Because of this, only the Municipality of Plovdiv among the big cities worked according to old rules for the removal of end-of-life motor vehicles.

The Municipality of Plovdiv felt it! They pick up abandoned cars after 3 months instead of 2 yearsA year and eight months after the ordinance changed in the country, city officials will implement it under the hills

To this day, any motor vehicle that has had its last valid technical inspection more than two years ago and is located on state or municipal land is considered an obsolete motor vehicle under the hills. After the regional administrations search for these cars, they put a sticker on them for voluntary relocation, and if it is not fulfilled within 3 months, the car is repatriated. In other words, at best, an abandoned car can only be moved after more than two years.

At the session tomorrow, the changes will be voted on, which state that an obsolete motor vehicle is one whose registration was terminated more than 3 months ago, or 3 months after the expiration of the specified date for the next technical inspection.

The ordinance also triples the deadline for moving the car after the sticker has been affixed by the city authorities. Instead of 3 months, the new term will be 1 month. Thus, the entire procedure of 2 years and 3 months will be reduced to a total of 4 months.

This will give the regional mayors the opportunity to clear the parking lots of abandoned vehicles, given the huge problem with a shortage of parking spaces throughout the city.

Is negligence or simple incompetence depriving Plovdiv of hundreds of free parking spaces?8 months The Municipality of Plovdiv cannot bring a local ordinance according to the national legislation

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