Happy first day of school! – 2022.09.15 – Others

Happy first day of school! – 2022.09.15 – Others
Happy first day of school! – 2022.09.15 – Others

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September 15 is a special date in the calendar for every Bulgarian – a day of knowledge, science and wisdom, of striving for personal and spiritual growth.

The Dobrich Online team wishes a successful school year to all students and teachers!

Why was September 15 chosen as the first day of school?

September 15 is the day on which the school year traditionally opens in the Bulgarian school. Music, flowers, balloons, very colorful and smiling faces in the school yards – of students, teachers and parents.

But why was September 15 chosen exactly? Until 1921, students in Bulgaria returned to classrooms on September 1. In 1919, Alexander Stamboliyski came to power in our country together with his party “Bulgarian People’s Agricultural Union”. Created as a professional organization of the peasants in our country, it quite expectedly adapts its policy to their daily life and needs.

It was because of this that in 1921 Stamboliyski made a decision to change the first school day and moved it by two weeks. The reason – so that the children can help with the harvest.

In 2001, when the minister of education was Sergey Ignatov, the idea was born that the learning process in schools would start again on September 1. But this is not perceived well and no change is achieved.

Otherwise, in many countries around Bulgaria, the school year starts on the first of September. This is the case in the Czech Republic, Russia and most of the other former Soviet republics. In Greece, the first day of school is in mid-August. In Italy, however, they are not in a hurry – the first bell rings only on October 1.

In other countries, however, there is no exact date, and the school decides for itself – this is the case in France, Germany, Great Britain, etc. In Japan, however, the tradition is different and the first day of school begins at the beginning of April, when the Japanese cherry blossoms – sakura – bloom. In Australia, the school year starts in February.

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