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The first school day in Stara Zagora is colorful

The first school day in Stara Zagora is colorful
The first school day in Stara Zagora is colorful

On September 15, 2022, the graduates of two Stara Zagorje schools – Vasil Levski Secondary School and Hristo Botev Secondary School – crossed the threshold of renovated buildings. Colorful celebrations contributed to an uplifted mood and countless children’s smiles, excited parents and proud teachers.
“The privilege of being on September 15 in one of the most significant schools of our city brings tremendous excitement.

Thank you today to all the parents, teachers, who have borne the brunt of the repair work. This day will be long remembered. I saw how former and current teachers, parents, builders did everything possible to gather today and celebrate this very festive day. This thread between generations of teachers creates the unbreakable bond that keeps the education system alive. The skillful management of the school and its continuity will be proven in the future with good results”, addressed the guests of the festive day at the “Vasil Levski” Secondary School, the Deputy Mayor of Stara Zagora Ivanka Sotirova. “Dear first graders, this day will be an integral part of the album of your memories – may your contact with science not stop over the years. Dear parents, be there for the children and the teachers, this is the secret of success,” she added. From her words, it was also clear that small finishing works, as well as repair of the school yard, are to come. An innovative STEM center (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) will also be built.

“I am extremely happy to congratulate you on behalf of the Municipal Council with today’s holiday. I wish you all a great new school year. Be healthy! Dear children – be strong and inquisitive, willingly gain knowledge, because a good education is the main prerequisite for being successful people tomorrow”, said Maria Dineva, chairwoman of the OB – Stara Zagora during the official part of the event.

“Welcome! Today is a double celebration for all of us – a long-awaited dream has come true, we see our school new, renovated, with a modern and beautiful environment. I thank Zhivko Todorov – Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality, for once again showing his attitude towards education and towards children. I express my gratitude to the departmental deputy mayor Ivanka Sotirova, who is always there for us with support and advice, to the head of the Regional Department of Education, Milena Yoldova, who also helped us and showed understanding. Last but not least – to the construction company that implemented the renovation project of our building. My great gratitude on this day is also to all colleagues and parents who together contributed to the colorfulness of today’s holiday”, said the school’s director Lina Borisova in her speech. “Dear children, you will cross the threshold of your first school, with your first teacher – listen and love him. He will be there for you – he will protect you, support you and teach you,” she added.

The festive program began with a water festival and continued with a bouquet of songs and dances performed by graduates of the Stara Zagorje school named after the bright historical figure Vasil Levski.

The renovations of the two Stara Zagorje schools, which today open their doors after renovation, are worth over 4 million BGN.

The ribbon on the new building was also cut at Hristo Botev Secondary School. The principal of the school, Alexander Burov, as well as the official guests – Ivanka Sotirova and Milena Yoldova, greeted the youngest students and the grown-up graduates. In the school yard, a special place was also reserved for veteran teachers, who emotionally recalled the years in which they taught the children of Stara Zagora.

The deputy mayor of Stara Zagora Krasimira Chakhova took part in the holiday program at the 11th “Nikolay Liliev” primary school. “On this festive day, I am joyful and happy to be among you and to welcome the first school bell together. Here, on this date, I see faces full of hope and smiles, ready to meet the challenges before them. I am proud of the children and their achievements, of the teachers and the principal who are doing their best for better results. You are an example to follow, good time!” said the deputy mayor in his speech. She also congratulated the students of III Primary School “Kolio Ganchev” and wished them smiles, success, patience and dedication. The school team had prepared a warm and emotional welcome, surprises for the first graders and a musical part.

Deputy Mayor Milena Zheleva addressed the students and staff of the National School of Music and Performing Arts “Hristina Morfova” with a kind word and a wish for health and creative success. Among the guests were municipal councilors, artists and happy parents.

The chief architect of Stara Zagora, Mladen Ivanov, was also a guest at the celebration on September 15. He congratulated the students at the Profiled Natural Mathematics High School “Geo Milev” and the Professional High School for Construction, Architecture and Geodesy “Lubor Bayer”, and the Secretary of the Municipal Administration Delyan Ivanov was part of the celebration at the “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School together with the manager of the International Youth Center in the town of Vesela Mareva.

Municipal councilors and representatives of various institutions were also among the officials of the colorful celebrations in the schools of Stara Zagora.

The first-graders received a music CD “Podadena Raka”, a special edition with music and lyrics by the Honorary Citizen of Stara Zagora, folklorist Academician Krum Georgiev, as well as a greeting from the Mayor of the Municipality, Zhivko Todorov. Among the gifts for the little ones were notebooks from the Fan Club of the “Beroe” Professional Football Club, as well as a free ticket for the upcoming match with the “Levski” team.

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