OU “St. Prince Boris I” opened the school year with an eco initiative

Burgas Primary School “St. Prince Boris I” welcomed the first school bell with a colorful celebration and environmental initiatives.

Students, teachers, the school management and parents gathered in the yard of the school to participate in the solemn program dedicated to the first school day.

A special guest at the celebration was the deputy mayor for strategic development and ecology, digitalization and adaptation to climate change, Vesna Baltina. She gave a special greeting to those present, wishing the children to discover new worlds along the path of knowledge and follow their dreams.

OU “St. Prince Boris I” welcomes the first day of school with a renovated sports field and a “green” outdoor classroom. The acquisitions were made with the help of the Municipality of Burgas and the National Campaign “Clean Environment 2022”. With the renovation of the sports field and the construction of the classroom, children will have the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, they will build habits of a responsible attitude towards nature. Thus, OU “St. Prince Boris I” takes an important step towards the implementation of the most modern educational trends.

Another novelty in the school is the special machine for recycling plastic bottles. It is provided by the Municipality of Burgas. In it, the children will throw away the empty bottles and receive a sound greeting for their responsible attitude towards environmental protection.

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