Plovdiv school replaced the flowers with help for a second grader

Parents and students from “Dimitar Matevski” Secondary School united and welcomed the new school year 2022/2023 by holding a donation campaign “Give a smile instead of a flower” for Toshko Manevski – a 2nd grade student diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. In the name of the common cause, all classes got involved, and the collected funds were transferred by the parents to the child’s bank account.

Dimitar Matevski Secondary School proudly welcomed its 960 students, where all students will receive excellent training, special treatment and an individual approach from their highly qualified teachers. The school also welcomed 5 classes of the 5th grade, as well as 2 newly opened professional classes in the 8th grade. All the classes were pleasantly surprised by their renovated classrooms and common spaces in the school, which, thanks to the voluntary work of their teachers who joined in the painting, were pleasantly refreshed and some completely renovated.

At the ceremonial opening on the occasion of the new academic year, Mrs. Zlatanska – Director of the school, Mrs. Merlanova – Deputy Director and the teachers from I – IV grades welcomed and surprised their graduates in national costumes, bringing them into the atmosphere of our glorious past.

Under the motto “The strictest teacher is our life, the wisest teacher is the book next to us, and the most important teacher is our first!” 6 classes of 1st grade with 24 students each, timid and uncertain, but full of confidence, gave a hand to their first teachers and embarked on the great adventure. Student club “Nightingale” from grade 3 b, Ensemble Matevski (prize winner of many national and international dance festivals) and dance school “Terpsichora” welcomed their youngest friends and future dancers, who watched with admiration the mastery of the older kaki and batkovci from the school, and then the youngest, the first-graders, traditionally broke from the tempting Bulgarian cakes and crossed the threshold of their school with excitement and new hopes, wishing themselves health, success and prosperity.

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