Ivan Stoyanov rang the first bell in two schools

Ivan Stoyanov, the mayor of the “East” district, would ring the bell in two schools. He opened the school year at Simon Bolivar University and Stoyan Sariev Private Language School.

“How nice that we start the school year in person, there are no masks, there are no distances, and I hope it will continue like this”, with these words the mayor of the “Iztochen” region Ivan Stoyanov opened the first school day at the “Simon Bolivar” secondary school.
He emphasized that the “Izgrev” district is one of his favorites and this is the reason why he accepted this particular school out of all the invitations.
The celebration passed with songs and dances performed by the high school students, and the first-year students crossed the threshold of their classrooms with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
5-year-old Elizabeth from the Municipal Children’s Complex-Plovdiv touched young and old with her heartfelt performance of the song “My country, my Bulgaria”.
The new director of “Simon Bolivar”, Anna Yordanova and Ivan Stoyanov promised to work hand in hand and together take care of the restoration of the school in order to attract a larger number of graduates.
The regional mayor also honored the celebration of the Stoyan Sariev Private Language School, where he was greeted with smiles and flowers.
The children presented a colorful program of poems, music and a beautiful ballet performance.
The director of the school together with Svetla Toshkova and the mayor Stoyanov presented certificates to the young people for achieving high levels in the Cambridge English exam.
The manager of the educational institution “Stoyan Sariev” Georgi Sariev thanked the leadership of the regional administration for the cooperation and good relations.
“We have always had great respect for your school and we have always helped each other. We will be ready for every one of your endeavors and initiatives,” said the regional mayor.


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