CSU “Leonardo da Vinci” opened the academic year with a good deed – 2022.09.15 – Other

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The director of the school, Neli Nikolaeva, welcomed students, teachers and parents with the following words:

“Obviously, it’s my great excitement, because for me every year adds up to 12 years. From the youngest, from the first graders, to the oldest – 12 grades that we are about to send. Welcome everyone to our home – the home , in which we store knowledge, in which we strive for true science, in which we work with all our humanity and love and obviously give it away. The knowledge that each one of us accumulates and stores, be it as a parent or a teacher, and we try to pass on everything we have learned to our children and students. Science, which in recent years has been the most powerful tool and weapon against illiteracy and strange beliefs. And last but not least, humanity. The humanity that each of us carries sometimes hidden, but always embedded in us. The humanity that every day we teach our children that in addition to being an excellent student, you must first, and most importantly, be a good person. And so I am asking you today as one of the lessons that I will let’s give our children, instead of a bouquet-flower yes we donate funds for our colleagues, for the children of Bulgaria in the affected areas in Karlovsko. This will be our contribution and I believe a good lesson for our students. And we are happy – we are happy that today we are all here together, that we are present. This disaster is gone – be it with God’s help, but mostly thanks to the efforts we make to deal with various crises”.

And the mayor of the city, Yordan Yordanov, wished the students to be naughty and healthy.

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