At the session: They close the “Incinerator – Plovdiv” company, they decide on the sale of 9 municipal homes


The municipal company “Incinerator – Plovdiv” will be liquidated after it failed to complete the enterprise for the collection and incineration of hospital waste. This must be decided by the Municipal Council today. 48 are the items on the agenda of the session, which is the first after the summer vacation.

The proposal was made by the Deputy Mayor for Finance Velichko Rodopski. The company was established in 2017, and property and equipment for BGN 6.7 million were contributed to it. The local parliament must also elect a liquidator of “Incinerator – Plovdiv”, who will receive two minimum salaries per month until it closes.

“The company fails to secure the necessary financial means by choosing a credit institution for finishing activities and equipping the machines and equipment to start the activity. Without credit financing and fresh working capital, the existence of “Incinerator-Plovdiv” turns out to be impossible. The assumption of municipal debt turns out to be inexpedient for the municipality of Plovdiv, as it will unreasonably increase its credit indebtedness,” the deputy mayor’s reasoning states.

The assets of the company – land and buildings, machinery and equipment were removed by a decision of the local parliament from February this year, as the municipality of Plovdiv decided to close the company and give the object to the concession.

The company also owes BGN 100,300 for real estate tax and household waste tax for the last 4 years. The mayor must provide BGN 250,000 to cover the obligations of “Incinerator-Plovdiv”.

At the same time, a decision should be made at the session on the sale of 9 municipal apartments. The proposal of the municipality of Plovdiv is for 3 departmental and 6 apartments from the “For Rent” fund.

An apartment of nearly 83 square meters will be sold on “Vechernitsa” street in “Zapaden” district. , with the market valuation of the property set at BGN 96,600.

In the “Central” area on “Dobri Voynikov” street, a 70 sq.m. apartment. is valued at BGN 73,700.

BGN 69,300 is the market estimate for a 46 sq.m. apartment. on “Vasil Levski” street in “Severen” district.

On “Bogomil” street in the “Iztochen” district, a property of 70 sq.m. will be sold for BGN 130,200.

93 sq.m. on the other hand, in the same area on “Vazkhod” Street, they are valued at BGN 42,100.

In the Trakia area, a 43 sq.m. apartment. are sold for BGN 58,550.

In the “Yuzhen” area, on “Nikola Dimkov” street, an apartment of 83 square meters, which is in the “Vedomstven” fund, is valued at BGN 104,678.

Also from the “Vedomstven” fund, a 90 sq.m. apartment. in the Trakia area on Osvobozhdenie Blvd., it is offered for BGN 146,400 with VAT or BGN 122,000 without VAT.

The third departmental residence is on “Bogomil” street in “Iztochen” district and has an area of ​​55 square meters, and its market value is BGN 103,900.

The councilors will also have to update the Plovdiv budget, with part of the collections proposed to increase the salaries of the employees in the municipality and regional town halls by 15% from July 1.

Additionally, money is allocated to regional mayors for street repairs, a fountain next to the “Moldavia” RUM and sanitary facilities on the Grebnia canal, construction of sports grounds, purchase of three cars for the municipal Inspectorate, a sociological study on air quality.

Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov proposes not to allocate funds to Belashtitsa, as requested by the initiative committee, until they join Plovdiv.

/ Plovdiv Press

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