Borisov did not spend as much as the next ones did in 6 months

Borisov did not spend as much as the next ones did in 6 months
Borisov did not spend as much as the next ones did in 6 months

“We don’t like, we don’t like Borisov, but, in the end, it turns out that Borisov doesn’t spend that much. Do you see how absurd it is? And those who said that Borisov is such and such, in six months messed up a great thing” , the former Minister of Education in Sergey Stanishev’s office (2005-2009) Prof. Daniel Valchev told the BNR. He was in the close leadership of the NDSV, which was part of the triple coalition. He is currently the Dean of the Law Faculty of Sofia University.

He continued by commenting on education at prestigious universities: “We have to bear in mind that, as it turned out – with apologies for what I’m going to say – with our last prime minister, that you have completed a master’s program in one of the most -the good universities in the world, is far from a certificate of being a smart person. That first. Second, politics is not just a matter of intellect. Politics from my point of view is a matter, first, of some moral guidelines that you have to have , secondly, of a vision for the development of society. Thirdly, you have to somehow explain the world to yourself”.

According to Prof. Valchev, the most important thing for a politician is to be concerned about the people who elected him, as well as to be relatively honest.

On the issue of education, he said the debate was extremely chaotic. “On the one hand, there is nostalgia for what it was like when we were students, on the other hand, there are pressures to introduce foreign models, some want children to learn more and more, others believe that education is more important, and so on. “, added Prof. Daniel Valchev.

“When I was graduating from high school in Varna, there was a popular song that is still played from time to time, “Edin undivided class”. It has the following sentence – “After the fifth hour”. Have you ever heard of someone who graduates from high school having five hours? Nothing like that. Children who are in the third-fourth grade already have six-seven hours, that is, the amount The amount of time children spend in school has not decreased. It has increased. The number of teachers has also increased, despite the decrease in the number of children. The teaching material has also increased significantly.”

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