Complete change in just 230 days for Fantastico supermarket in “Mladost” 4

The chain begins to develop its own bakeries under the “Bread for Life” brand

After extensive reconstruction FANTASTICO supermarket opened its doors in the metropolitan district “Mladost” 4 on “Alexander Paskalev” street. The renovation lasted only 230 days, and the result is impressive. The completely renovated shopping center now has a larger sales hall and the possibility of offering an even larger assortment of quality products. The supermarket covers over 3,000 square meters of built-up area, and the investment is BGN 15,000,000.

FANTASTICO’s first own bakery under the “Bread for Life” brand began operating in the commercial outlet. The master bakers will knead and bake sourdough bread and a wide range of different types of bread – white, whole wheat, seeded wheat and many more – on site. “For me, the most important thing in bread production is love and the desire to learn, because in baking and confectionery you can constantly learn something – there are no limits, it’s a universe. If you love baking, you will develop and every day you go to work, you will find meaning, you will see your own development, you will see that what you do is good and inspires people. And then there is this chemistry and the passion for baking, there is life… hence “Bread for Life”, says Vanya Popova, technologist of the bakery. Customers will discover a range of baked goods and sweet delights made according to specially developed recipes. To develop its own bakeries, the company has already started recruiting for the position of “Master Baker”. Applicants may be inexperienced as the company provides training for the specific position.

A team of over 80 professionals will work in the renovated FANTASTIKO supermarket in “Mladost” 4. They will also offer fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and chilled fish. Customers of the outlet will find ready-made meals for home, sushi prepared on site, a cafeteria with aromatic drinks, delicious sandwiches and cakes, dietary and diabetic foods, organic products, a winery with a wide variety of different varieties of young and aged wine. Residents of the capital district will also have access to a number of additional services and facilities, including the Subra pharmacy, “Nechoveshki magazin – Dr. Stefanov”, EasyPay cash desk, SDI insurance broker counter, UniCredit Bulbank ATM, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator point and Speedy automatic post office. The shopping center has a children’s playground.

The builder of the supermarket is the well-established construction company “Barrage Group”, and the design is the work of Cityscape studio.

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