1148 first graders entered the schools in Ruse

1148 first graders entered the schools in Ruse
1148 first graders entered the schools in Ruse

1148 students enter the first grade in the Municipality of Ruse in the academic year 2022/2023. The beginning of the educational process was celebrated in all kindergartens and schools. The mayor of Ruse, Pencho Milkov, gave a special greeting to the children of the “Constatin-Kyril Philosopher” secondary school.

“Dear first graders, in addition to learning to read and write, here you will find your truest friends, with whom you will share one of the best periods of your life. And you, teachers and parents, do not stop believing in the children. Only if we support them in their dreams will they grow up brave, confident and good,” he said.

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The deputy mayors of the Municipality of Ruse also welcomed students after their summer vacation. Zlatomira Stefanova welcomed the graduates of the Vocational High School for River Shipbuilding and Navigation and the children from the “Snezhanka” DG. Encho Enchev shared the holiday with students and parents at “Angel Kanchev” Primary School, Dimitar Nedev at “Hristo Botev” Secondary School, and Magdalina Ilieva wished a successful year for everyone at “Vasil Levski” Secondary School.

The municipal strategy for the development of education 2022-2026″ includes several priorities in the academic year 2022/2023. Among them is the improvement of the material base in educational institutions. The municipal education program foresees an additional BGN 100,000 for kindergartens and BGN 20,000 for schools for the 2022 budget year. Another BGN 180,000 will be invested in the construction of a platform for children with limited mobility in the “Toma Kardzhiev” elementary school.

The policy to improve the qualifications of teachers will also continue by organizing trainings for working with Google Workspace, LEGO, websites of kindergartens and in robotics classes in schools;

After the successful introduction of cloud technologies in all 18 kindergartens, the Municipality will work towards their gradual introduction in schools as well. The new way of working is already being used in “Lyuben Karavelov” Primary School, “Nikola Obretenov” Primary School, “Konstantin-Kyril Filosof” Secondary School, “Prof. Veselin Stoyanov”, AEG “Geo Milev”, in process OU “Ivan Vazov” and OU “Otets Paisiy” – Ruse.

The mayor of Rousse opened a completely renovated new nursery

The Mayor of the Municipality of Ruse, Pencho Milkov, opened the building of the Children’s Nursery No. 4 on “Mutkurova&ldqu…

The introduction of single-shift training in all schools is also a priority, with “Ivan Vazov” Primary School being the last one that has the material and technical conditions for this. The Municipality of Ruse helps the same to happen in the “Friedrich Schiller” SUPNE – Ruse.

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