CSKA spent about BGN 3.5 million on the new players

CSKA spent about BGN 3.5 million on the new players
CSKA spent about BGN 3.5 million on the new players

CSKA sent an extremely busy transfer window, and literally until the last moment, the army closed deals.

They attracted double-digit numbers of footballers and parted with even more. So far, this has happened every summer since the Reds returned to the First League, but this time a sharp turn in the selection policy was noticed in the Boris garden, writes “Tema sport”.

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The Army took out a transfer fee for as many as 7 of their new additions, and only three footballers arrived in the team as free agents. The balance sheet shows that CSKA spent nearly BGN 3.5 million on new players within a few months in the summer. This amount exceeds the money that the Reds gave to buy players in total in the last 6 years!

The most expensive was the Norwegian Jonathan Lindseth, for whom CSKA counted on Sarpsbort about 500 thousand euros. The offensive midfielder arrived in an optimal competitive rhythm and immediately “bite”, establishing himself in Sasha Ilic’s starting line-up literally for a few games.

He faces competition from free agent Stanislav Shopov and Lazar Tufegdzic, for whom Serbian Spartak Subotica received 300,000 euros, and expects additional bonuses based on the playmaker’s performance. According to unconfirmed information from France and Romania, the transfer amounts for the attraction of Dukens Nazon and Bradley de Noyer are worth 200,000 euros each.

In the last two days of the transfer window alone, CSKA gave over BGN 1 million for new players. 100,000 dollars cost Marcelino Carreaso, 150,000 of the American currency – Simeon Alexandrov, and the amount for the rent of Girair Shagoyan is about 300,000 euros. In the next year, the Reds will necessarily have to buy the Armenian for an amount significantly greater than what has been paid so far.

So CSKA sent off the summer with its biggest losses in recent years, and we have yet to find out if this will be a permanent trend in the club’s selection policy.

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