In 4 years and with BGN 500 million, only 86 out of 414 dams have been repaired

In 4 years and with BGN 500 million, only 86 out of 414 dams have been repaired
In 4 years and with BGN 500 million, only 86 out of 414 dams have been repaired

267 have been assigned for implementation, half of them have not been started at all

Only 86 out of 414 are the repaired dams, which had to be fixed by the state company “Montazhi” and for which BGN 500 million was allocated in 2018.

This is according to a report on the progress of the activities as of the beginning of September, published on the page of “Mountains”. Within a month – from the beginning of August, one dam was completed. As of July 1, 76 were repaired, and as of June 1 – 68.

The latest report shows that 8 dams are on the final stretch and have a construction completion rate of over 90%. However, it reflects the progress of the repair and restoration works for 267 dams, because only these have been assigned for implementation by the State Consolidation Company to its subsidiary “Montazhi”. This was recorded as of April 18 this year, meaning that the DCC has not commissioned any repairs since then.

Out of these 267 dams

on 140, no repair work has started at all, but they are at the design stage.

It is also noteworthy that quite a few of the dams are out of contract – either on January 15 or March 16, 2021.

A year ago, Kiril Petkov, who was then acting Minister of Economy, revealed that there were only 10 completed dams, and they did not even have a construction permit and were illegal. In addition, the construction was done at inflated prices – 5 times for the transport and 2 times for the concrete.

Some unit prices are published on the “Montazhi” website – for example, for a concrete pump, the amount is BGN 195 without VAT for a machine change. The invoices for all concluded contracts for the purchase of concrete mixes have also been uploaded. It is clear from them that the prices per cubic meter vary between BGN 70 and BGN 105, with the most common amount being BGN 95.

The state-owned company received the financing of BGN 500 million through an in-house procedure – that is, without a competition, but with a direct award. And then, through contracts for the supply of materials and rental of equipment, the repairs were actually transferred to private companies. It is noteworthy that many of them are contracted with the same companies.

In order to solve the problem of illegal constructions, the current minister of regional development, Ivan Shishkov, proposed for public discussion an amendment to the Law on Territorial Planning (ZUT) to legalize them. This will apply not only to the dams, but also to the already built elements on the new lots of the “Hemus” highway, for which there were also no construction documents issued.

Two weeks ago, Shishkov commented that they are

attempts were made to cover up the illegal repairs

on dams. “In February of this year, a commission was formed by the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Economy and Industry, which came out with a decision that the repairs were emergency and there was no need to issue building permits for the repairs. There is also an interpretative letter to all the chief architects of the municipalities to issue construction permits for emergency repairs to the dams. This is embarrassing”, Shishkov said then.

In February of last year, the Parliament assigned the Audit Chamber to conduct an audit of “Montazhi” in connection with the repair of the 414 dams. The audit was sent to prosecutors this year, but has since been classified pending the conclusion of possible criminal proceedings.

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