They are showing the movie “Our Tracks” at Scaffold Cop

On September 24, at 11:15 a.m., the film “Our Traces” will be broadcast in the conference hall of CTC “Cengene Skele”.

The event was inspired by a project carried out years ago in the same place, then organized by the Burgas branch of the Polish Cultural and Educational Society “Wladislav Warnenczyk”. Years after that, the new generation of the department decided to continue and enrich the then-told story under the title: “Polish tracks along the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast – the legacy”.

The first part of the story tells about the great Polish poet and revolutionary Adam Mickiewicz and his stay in the areas of Chengene skele and Otmanli.

The sequel tells how the creator of the Polish legions in the Ottoman Empire, Mikhail Tchaikovsky, became Sadak Pasha and how the great Bulgarian patriot Gavril Gruev Hlutev took the name Georgi Benkovski.

This time, the story describes the fate of the Bulgarian and Polish revolutionaries on the lands of our Southern Black Sea coast during the times of slavery, under which both countries fall.

The film describes the destinies of four glorious men who fight life and death for the freedom of their homelands in search of the right path. The story of their struggle intertwines their lives.

The message of the film is related to the idea of ​​preserving and remembering the historical values ​​of the two Slavic countries so that the new young generation can create their own heritage.

The literary source used to create the film is the book “The Medallion” by Galina Zlatareva.

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