Yordan Vasilev asked the mayor about the readiness of Plovdiv to deal with a disaster like this in Karlovsko


Is the Plovdiv municipality ready to deal with such a disaster, such as the flood in Karlovo, Kaloyanovo and Maritsa municipality, and does it have the necessary specialized equipment and trained teams? What prevention measures have been taken for flood risks?’ These and other questions were asked by the municipal councilor from the “Authentic Left BSP” Yordan Vasilev to the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov at the beginning of today’s session of the Municipal Council.

He highlighted the topic and emphasized that the flooded settlements are close to Plovdiv and all this cannot be passed over lightly.

“Is the municipality of Plovdiv ready to deal with such a crisis and does it even have the necessary resources – specialized equipment and specially trained teams, such as we saw the municipality of Sofia send in the first hours of the disaster,” asked the municipal councilor.

We insist that you award an urgent public contract for cleaning the river and strengthening the Maritsa dike, claims a report from the “Save Plovdiv” association to Asen Kostov.

Dr. Ivan Tsranchev from VMRO also asked the mayor a question. He claims that there are many reports of the poor condition of the manholes on the sidewalks used by the telecommunications operators, and in places the covers are also missing. He asked to know if there were any reports of accidents when passing on or near such facilities.

On the other hand, DB asked about the renovation project on “Dame Gruev” street, whether they comply with the established parameters and deadlines for the realization of the site. They demand that the reasons for postponing the opening date of the street be made public, as well as what the greening project envisages on the section between Macedonia Street and Ohrid Street, and whether it is in violation of the so-called pavement shrinkage in this section.

The first session of the municipal councilors after the summer vacation began with congratulations to the councilor from the DB, Dr. Veselka Hristamyan, who has a birthday today. She received flowers from the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov and from the chairman of the Municipal Council Alexander Durzhikov.

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