A proposal by the deputy mayor Anesti Timchev caused dissatisfaction

A proposal by the deputy mayor Anesti Timchev caused dissatisfaction
A proposal by the deputy mayor Anesti Timchev caused dissatisfaction

In the spirit of the well-established Plovdiv tradition in motion, from the microphone in the hall of the Municipal Council, at today’s session on the amendment of the municipal budget, several additional proposals were made for additional financing of various activities, a reporter reported to Plovdiv24.bg.

On the proposal of the Deputy Mayor for Finance Velichko Rodopski, additional funds will be allocated to the OP “Gardens and Parks” and to the children’s department of NB “Ivan Vazov”. The councilors from DB asked for a total of BGN 845,000 for bicycle lanes, landscaping of inter-block spaces, replacement of the sewage on Svoboda Blvd. and repair of the sidewalks in the square at the beginning of Kap. Raicho St. GERB requested an increase of BGN 500,000 in the budget of the Trakia region for sidewalks in zone A-7 and parking in zone A-1.

Confusion was caused by the proposal of Deputy Mayor Anesti Timchev to allocate 70,000 BGN for the assignment and preparation of an analysis of the quality of the atmospheric air, given that 80,000 BGN has already been provided in the budget. “With this proposal, the amount becomes BGN 150,000. Our price seems to be ten times higher,” noted Yordan Iliev.

Councilor Slavi Georgiev, who is not a member of the group, criticized the method of updating and announced that the attitude of his colleagues towards the change in the municipal budget is very frivolous and the practice of making additional proposals on a microphone without discussing them in committees should be stopped.

Georgiev paid special attention to the proposed BGN 80,000 for the design of a congress center in Plovdiv, stressing that it is clear when the councilors decided to build a congress center. He called on his colleagues to treat the municipality’s funds more wisely, and not to move some money from one place to another to satisfy personal interests.

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