Asen Vassilev promised pork with cabbage for everyone

Asen Vassilev promised pork with cabbage for everyone
Asen Vassilev promised pork with cabbage for everyone

Pork with cabbage for all Bulgarians is the last promise of former finance minister Asen Vassilev.

At the time of GERB, there was pork with cabbage, but the pork was only for the companies close to GERB, and the cabbage for the Bulgarian people. What we are doing through the social budgets is to have both pork and cabbage for all Bulgarians, explained the co-chairman of “We continue the change”.

Vassilev attributed to “We continue the change” a bunch of social merits made by the opposition during the administration of the PP.

I am glad that after declaring our financial program disastrous, the colleagues from GERB still recognized that there should be a social element in the budget and put it in their program, said Vassilev, who commented on the pre-election program presented earlier by GERB.

“What we did in the last year with the budget and its update allowed to significantly increase pensions, more in one year than in 12, to make a broad social program aimed at young families – with free kindergartens, tax breaks , an increase in maternity benefits, free textbooks, additional funds for children, and last but not least, the salaries of teachers, doctors, police officers, and the army have increased. In general, we have invested in Bulgarian citizens,” Vassilev said, appropriating the opposition’s proposals.

“What we have set in the program for the next 4 years is to continue this social orientation in the budgets. This will allow the economy to grow and thus pensions will be doubled, the minimum wage will be able to become 50% of the average and continue to grow. Last but not least, we are betting on very serious anti-corruption measures in the program,” Vassilev also stated.

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