The Serbian sewer took 1000 euros to take 10 migrants to Sofia

The Serbian sewer took 1000 euros to take 10 migrants to Sofia
The Serbian sewer took 1000 euros to take 10 migrants to Sofia

46-year-old Milutin Korčula was caught by the police in the area of ​​the turnoff for Bulgarovo

21 September 2022Wednesday, 3:55 p.m.


The mastermind of the scheme arranged a car for him – a Mercedes, near Sredets he picked up the refugees he was supposed to transport to the capital

1,000 euros is the sum promised to the Serbian canal operator Milutin Korčula to transport 10 migrants from Sredets to Sofia. 4,500 euros was paid by each of the refugees for the entire route from Istanbul to Germany, with the money being dispersed along the chain.

This was revealed by the lawyer of the 46-year-old Serb Milutin Korčula, who was stopped by police officers in the area of ​​the turnoff for Bulgarovo in a car full of illegal migrants on 18/09/2022.

Today, the District Court is looking at the alien’s remand order. Judge Andon Valkov pointed out that there is enough evidence for him to remain in custody and imposed the most severe measure – custody for the serious crime.

On the sidelines of the courthouse, the official defender of Korčula – lawyer Hadjiev told details of the investigation.

“Korčula is from Belgrade. He works there as a builder – tiler, has a daughter – a student, and his wife is sick. His colleague, also a builder, offered him to participate in the scheme, misleading him that he would earn 1000 euros in 1 day if he drove a group of foreigners to the capital of Bulgaria. Milutin agreed, since for them it is a lot of money. Another person arranged for him a Mercedes car and gave him money for a hotel in Bulgaria. Through telephone communication, they explained to him where the group would be waiting for him and he went to the place. There was an 11th person there, who is clearly the organizer. When he parked in the agreed place, the refugees got into the car in seconds and drove off. He was also startled by them, but he was alone and didn’t know what to do. That’s why he did what he was told. He cooperated with law enforcement and admitted his guilt,” said his defense attorney.

In the courtroom, it became clear that seven of the refugees were in the compartment when teams of the Second RU-Burgas stopped the car with Croatian registration near the junction for Bulgarovo. Three other migrants were in the trunk.

When the Mercedes stopped, the rear window was slightly down, so the uniformed officers spotted the shadows of the illegal passengers and immediately detained them.

This is one of the many cases in recent days in Burgas region of detained sewers and migrants. Despite the “measures” and the war declared by Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev on refugees, illegal traffic is now the most flourishing business in our country, from which quick and easy money is made!

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