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The decisions of the President of the Russian Federation on partial mobilization will increase the intensity of hostilities, escalate the conflict and is a security threat with difficult to foresee consequences. It is unacceptable to play the nuclear card again three decades after the end of the cold war, but the threat cannot be ignored.

This was stated by the head of state Rumen Radev after the extraordinary consultative meeting held today with the official ministers on the consequences of the escalation of the war in Ukraine. It was attended by Prime Minister Galab Donev, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policies and Acting Minister of Transport and Communications Hristo Alexiev, Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Labor and Social Policy Lazar Lazarov, the Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov, the Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov, the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Velislava Petrova, the Deputy Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev, the Deputy Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Stanimir Stanev, the Chairman of State Agency “National Security” Plamen Tonchev, the deputy chairman of the State Agency “Intelligence” Asen Tutekov and the director of the Service “Military Intelligence” Brigadier General Venelin Venev.

Radev recalled that in the first hours of the war, which broke out on February 24, Bulgaria denounced the Russian aggression against Ukraine as unacceptable and since then called for an end to hostilities and for a peaceful settlement of the conflict through diplomatic means. In his words, the pursuit of military victory at any cost has silenced calls for peace, and reason has given way to arms. He pointed out that referendums in a combat zone are a legal absurdity and Bulgaria will not recognize them.

In his statement to the media, the head of state indicated that with the mobilization announced by Russia, the risks for Europe and the world are growing. He emphasized that for the moment there is no direct military threat to Bulgaria’s security. According to him, our country is working hard to guarantee its security by strengthening the national defense capacity and fulfilling its commitments in NATO.

However, Radev stated that the risks for Bulgaria are not limited to military security alone. He recalled that, as part of the European Union, our country supports the sanctions regime towards Russia, but emphasized that Europe is obliged to look for mechanisms to minimize the risk of these sanctions, because in this way it itself threatens its industrial capacity and competitiveness. According to the head of state, the price of the escalation will be paid by the citizens, and Bulgaria is one of the most affected.

The escalation of the conflict could affect not only gas supplies, but also oil and fuel supplies in Bulgaria, Radev warned, according to whom this would lead to a deepening of the economic and social crisis.

The caretaker government makes every effort to mitigate the effects of these crises within its temporal and normative frameworks, which often lag behind the dynamics of the processes due to the absence of a functioning parliament. Therefore, it is critically important that Bulgaria has a parliament and a stable regular government.

Rumen Radev

Radev called on the political forces with ambitions to enter the 48th National Assembly to state clearly how they intend to manage the political crisis and what they will unite around in order to achieve a governing majority.

“Now is the time for unification,” Radev said and added that now is the time for the parties to attract citizens to vote in order to achieve such turnout that would give legitimacy to the next parliament.

The opinion of the parties on the mobilization here

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