Valeriy S and M Group invested BGN 90,000 in a new road in the village of Trud

A completely new asphalt road leads to the logistics center of Valeriy S and M Group AD in the village of Trud. The investment of BGN 90,000 in the road infrastructure belongs to the company itself, which for 30 years has been the leader of the Bulgarian market in the field of trade in professional and hobby tools, machines and consumables.

“We have invested BGN 2.2 million – with a loan from a bank – and with them we are fully completing the fourth stage of the expansion of the Trade and Logistics Center – Plovdiv. Separately, we are investing BGN 90,000 in the construction of the new road, the users of which will be the people living in the village of Trud and the neighboring businesses,” explained Stoyan Ivanov, executive director of Valery S and M Group AD, for Maritsa. The event was brought together by the mayor of the village of Trud Krasimir Minkov and Nikolay Stamatov, deputy. the mayor in Maritsa municipality. Among the guests was arch. Bachvarova, Nadezhda Parlakova, representatives of the supervision and many more business partners of the company.

The beginning of the logistics center was laid in 2012, when “Valery S and M Group” AD made the first sod and began its construction. A year later, in 2013, the built part of the enterprise was opened, and it has a built-up area of ​​3,000 sq. m. In February 2014, its first extension of 780 sq. m. was made. In 2020, despite the coronavirus and the threats of transport chaos all over the world, the Management of “Valery S and M Group” JSC decided to continue its business in Bulgaria. Thus, in 2022, the Trade and Logistics Center – Plovdiv is upgrading to 6,000 pallet places. In addition, a direct and convenient road connection is being built with the company’s funds and over 35 jobs, on its own property of 11,000 sq.m.

Founded in 1992, Valeriy S and M Group AD is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market in the field of trade in professional and hobby tools, machines and consumables. Today, its partners include manufacturers from Turkey, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Pakistan, Taiwan, Korea, San Marino, Kosovo, India and others. For 30 years now, the company has been creating and developing its own brands: PREMIUM HD, DECOREX HD, MMS, as well as being the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of world-renowned brands such as AKFIX, CETAFORM, HERLY, YAPARLAR, RTRMAX and many others.

In the month of May, this year, Valery S and M Group celebrated its anniversary with a spectacular celebration in Sofia, which was attended by 300 guests and with the special participation of Orlin Goranov, Desi Dobreva, Militsa Gladnishka and other popular personalities.

Valery S and M Group AD is also preparing a special edition of the catalog “30 years of Valery S and M Group – HISTORY WITH FUTURE!”, with surprises and a gift – illustrations of 30 Bulgarian rulers, in support of national pride and traditions.

Photos: Natasha Maneva

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