Ivan Kostov: The caretaker government actively participates in the struggle for power

Ivan Kostov: The caretaker government actively participates in the struggle for power
Ivan Kostov: The caretaker government actively participates in the struggle for power

The caretaker government is actively involved in the struggle for power. It participates, as it were, to compromise those political formations that are in favor of reforms and Euro-Atlantic integration. This is instilled in me by the behavior of these people.” Former Prime Minister Ivan Kostov commented this to Nova TV. He presented his new book “Politics from within”.

“Let’s remember the sharp attack on natural gas and the panicked retreat after they saw they couldn’t get enough from Gazpromargued Kostov.

According to him, the topic of the rule of law has been forgotten. “I wonder why even those who claim to be true democrats forget her.”said the former prime minister.

Ivan Kostov believes that the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin “is seriously upsetting the ranks of his supporters, and this is more than obvious.” According to him, they are confused and scared.

“It can be seen from the speakers who come out, from the theses that the Kremlin presents in its propaganda. It is evident that there is confusion, a loss of goals. The regime has gone into a position of self-defense”said the former prime minister.

According to him, the risk of the regime in Moscow reaching for the nuclear button to protect itself should be taken very seriously.

The ex-prime minister does not see how a broad program government could be formed after the elections with the participation of GERB, “Democratic Bulgaria” and “We continue the change”. “This compromise is unacceptable for “Democratic Bulgaria”said Kostov.

According to him, society in our country should demand that the transition be carried out and completed. “Changes start from below. People have to ask and then things happen”believes the former leader of the SDS, and then of “Democrats for a strong Bulgaria”.

He also made a comparison between how they fought for democracy in Western Europe and how it came to us. “There was a driving force there – the third estate, which brought the people to power and demanded written rules, a constitution, separation of powers. This was paid for in blood. And freedom came to us as a gift”commented Kostov.

In his book he says: “We don’t have a consolidated democracy, we have a consolidated mafia”.

“That’s right. The forces were very powerful and very competent. They know power, they know how to defend it. These people were always many steps ahead of us when it came to how to establish themselves and how to protect state institutions. An example is The Constitution, with the construction of the judiciary, in which the prosecution occupies such a key place”commented the former prime minister.

“SDF was united when it wanted to destroy the wall of the communist regime, but extremely diverse in what it wanted to build, what to replace this regime”Kostov also said.

“At the head of the transition, after there was no bourgeoisie, came people from the free professions, intellectuals. And for them it is important to have their opinion and position and defend them. They are not party members. They were all bright faces at the beginning of the transition, but not they could follow, march in line, follow those who knew the issues”commented Kostov.

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