The cave marks 114 years since the declaration of the Independence of Bulgaria

As a sign of appreciation for the heroism and self-sacrifice of all known and unknown Bulgarian heroes who devoted themselves to the cause of Bulgaria’s independence becoming a fact, today wreaths and flowers were placed at the monument to those who died in the wars.

Previously, in his profile on the social network, the mayor of the municipality of Peshtera Yordan Mladenov congratulated all his fellow citizens, writing:

Dear friends,

Today we look back 114 years in time to remember one of the significant dates in the Bulgarian calendar – September 22, 1908. The long-cherished dream of an independent Bulgaria became a reality. Today we live in an equal state. It is a wealth left to us that we must defend and defend daily. It is our duty to try to have our independence, to be willing to achieve it and to be together. The independence of Bulgaria is a celebration of the state, and we are obliged to be smart, consistent, proud and joyful as a family in a free Motherland. On this day, let each one of us rethink our role in preserving independence in order to have a strong and prosperous Bulgaria! I am convinced that we will continue to be successful and reasonable people who love our native land!

Long live free and independent Bulgaria!

Happy and blessed holiday!

The solemn celebration on the occasion of Bulgaria’s Independence was attended by Deputy Mayors Elena Ryadkova and Galabina Karamitreva, Galya Stoyanova – Secretary of the Municipality in the city, representatives of political forces, students, citizens.

Galabina Karamitreva recalled the memorable events that determined the path of Bulgaria 114 years ago.

“With the act of September 1908, any restrictions on the international status of the Bulgarian state are rejected, and in the end Europe is forced to recognize the full membership of our country in the large family of European states at that time. This is an act of dignity for all Bulgarians and the then state leaders of our country,” Karamitreva said in her speech.

After a minute of silence and bowed foreheads as a sign of appreciation, the anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria was played. Yordan Mladenov presented a wreath, followed by all those present at the memorial site.

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