Kamata has been signing autographs for more than three hours in Pazardzhik

  • Stoichkov became “Honorary Torchbearer of Peace”

Total hysteria caused the appearance of Hristo Stoichkov in Pazardzhik today. Kamata spent almost the whole day in the city as a participant in the “Run for Peace” initiative and was awarded a high award. In the “Vasil Levski” sports hall, Itso signed autographs and posed for selfies for more than three hours.

At the official ceremony, football legend Hristo Stoichkov, Olympic rhythmic gymnastics champion Madeleine Radukanova and the mayor of Pazardzhik Todor Popov received the “Honorary Torchbearer of Peace” award. Established by the Peace Run, it honors individuals who put their talents and energies into the service of the cause of peace, exhibiting fortitude, compassion and kindness that help make the world a single home of peace and harmony. “On today’s International Day of Peace, we must say that it must be in us and around us,” Hristo Stoichkov said upon accepting the award. – I have always believed that we can do it. That’s why we succeeded and will continue to succeed. I take on this great responsibility as a torch bearer and will defend it as I have always defended the Bulgarian coat of arms”.

The mayor of Pazardzhik, Todor Popov, emphasized that it is an honor for the city to host this event. I accept the award as the fruit of our efforts to work for the development and prosperity of every person. I am happy that our city sets a good example of how to be good, added Popov. The ceremony was attended by ambassadors, diplomats, athletes and many citizens of Pazardzhik. After that, Hristo Stoichkov and Todor Popov made the first sod of the “Garden of the World”. This is an innovative international project that the Municipality of Pazardzhik launched in Svoboda Island Park in the regional city.

The idea is for the garden to be the largest area in the Balkans with plant species from Bulgaria, Europe and the world. In it, Stoichkov will have a special corner with Bulgarian flowers, shaped like the number 8, with which he played as a football player. During the ceremony, the 1994 Ballon d’Or winner wished the flowers to be Bulgarian roses.


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