From CSKA: We give BGN 6 million “in the dark”

From CSKA: We give BGN 6 million “in the dark”
From CSKA: We give BGN 6 million “in the dark”

The management of CSKA refuted what it believed to be incorrect information regarding the Annex for a new stadium for the “Reds”.

Here’s what the “army” message says:

“After the annex concluded between CSKA and the state was interpreted incorrectly and created incorrect suggestions, we would like to clarify the case, which affects thousands of “armymen” and is of great public interest.

In the annex concluded between the state and the club, the two parties agree that by 01.03.23 CSKA will prepare a complete investment project, based on which a valid permit for the construction of the new facility will be issued. We specify – AT OUR RISK AND AT OUR EXPENSE – without having any certainty that we will receive a building permit.

CSKA undertakes to provide the specified project to the state.

And more – according to the annex, we will pay all expenses and payments due to the selected foreign and Bulgarian architectural bureaus. We will pay in full all state and municipal fees for the review and approval of the project.

And since we talked about numbers – the value of all this is SIX MILLION BGN. In numbers – BGN 6,000,000. In other words – an amount that CSKA will invest for an investment project that it will provide to the state, without guarantees for the time after a construction permit is issued.

The amount for rents, which the state postpones until 01.03.23, but does not cancel as a commitment to the club, amounts to BGN 500,000. In other words – 1/12 of the investment we will make during that time.

After talking about forgiveness and investments, let’s recall what has been invested so far in the bases of CSKA:

Asen Donchev underwent an operation in Germany

Asen Donchev underwent an operation in Germany

It will take a long time to recover

1️ ~ 3.3 million EXCLUSIVE of VAT in rents and fees

2️ ~ 5 million investment in infrastructure improvement

And last but not least, we would like to remind you that for the construction of a new, modern stadium in the center of Sofia, on the site of the currently collapsing facility, CSKA will invest only and only its own funds and funds provided by investors. The club does not want and will not ask for a single penny of help from the state”.

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