24 detained in massive police actions across the country

The day began with massive police actions across the country. There are searches in several villages in Dobrichko. Special teams are checking various addresses in Stara Zagora and Slivensko, and so far there is information about 24 detainees. The operation is directed against vote trading and drug distribution.

There are 13 detainees in Dobrichko. According to police, the arrests were for theft, traffic violations, drug possession and distribution.

“When 2 private addresses were visited, narcotic substances, electronic scales, and a sum of money were found,” said chief inspector Julian Minev, head of the Dobrich Road Police.

“Such operations are conducted throughout the country. There are 19 initiated pre-trial proceedings related to violation of electoral rights,” said Petar Todorov, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Our main actions are aimed at prevention and at identifying persons involved in election crimes,” said Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev.

The campaign also covered Nikolaevo, Stara Zagora. Car dealerships, car morgues are checked, various signals for violations of the electoral legislation are checked. There are drug arrests.

“So far, we have checked 323 persons and 161 vehicles. We have initiated 3 fast pre-trial proceedings, two of which are for driving a motor vehicle after the use of narcotic substances, one for the use of alcohol over 1.22. We have also detained 12 persons, 9 of whom are migrants, the other two are perpetrators of theft. We have found illegal storage of timber at 5 addresses. At the moment, together with colleagues from the forestry farms, we are seizing the material and starting pre-trial proceedings,” said Commissioner Iliyan Iliev, head of the “Security Police”, ODMVR-Stara Zagora.

The action is also taking place in the “Nadezhda” district in Sliven. 5 pawnshops were checked, gold jewelry was seized. There are also seized lists that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will check.

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