A false start for a mozzarella factory

The Covid pandemic and expensive gas stopped the start of a mozzarella factory in Plovdiv. The newly built production facility is located on “Komatevsko shose” street. All the machines and equipment necessary for the intended activity have been installed there, but at the moment they are not being used for their intended purpose. This was established by experts from RIOS-Plovdiv during a comprehensive inspection.

The main purpose of the inspection was to establish the level and degree of compliance of the activity in the factory with the requirements of the environmental legislation regarding the components of waste, atmospheric air, chemical substances and mixtures and noise. On the tour it was seen that the factory was not working and never had been.

Otherwise, it is put into regular operation. It has 2 refrigerators with freon, which is currently not charged, as well as a fuel source – a natural gas boiler. The security commented that production was mainly hampered by the covid pandemic and the drastic increase in natural gas.

The investor of the mozzarella factory is MA FOODS Ltd. The company was registered in Plovdiv in 2020 with a capital of BGN 50,000 and the main activity is production and trade of milk and milk products.

DAXI shows that the majority owners with 23,750 shares each (each share worth BGN 1) are two Turkish citizens – Ali Akurek and Mehmet Yildiram. A partner from the Bulgarian side with 2,500 shares is Suleiman Bekirov. According to NOI data, in 2021 the company employed 11 people, but for the same year there was no revenue from sales.

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