Hysteria for selfies and photos with Stoichkov in Pazardzhik VIDEO, …

The appearance of Hristo Stoichkov caused real hysteria this afternoon in the “Vasil Levski” sports hall in Pazardzhik. Young and old were waiting there for the biggest star of Bulgarian football to take a picture or get an autograph from the legendary eight, who today dedicated his whole day to the visit to Pazardzhik.

The legend of CSKA and Barcelona arrived in the hall in the company of the mayor Todor Popov.

After speaking to the fans present, Hristo showed an original Golden Ball from 1994, and then presented duplicates of it to Todor Popov and Reneta Kamberova for their services to Pazardzhik sport.

After the end of the official part, there were long lines of people wanting to take pictures with the legendary eight. Many of them bought Stoichkov’s book on the spot.

Among the crowd were noticed and outspoken fans of Levski, who, however, recognize Kamata’s great merits for the Bulgarian national team. Among those waiting were many young athletes from the clubs in Pazardzhik.

Kamata wrote hundreds of books of his personal autobiography and posed for numerous photos and selfies. All this lasted nearly 4 hours.

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