The participants in the Fifth Air Tour of Bulgaria took off from Dolna Mitropolia

Ivan Nedyalkov

Photo: Latinka Svetozarova

The participants of the Fifth Air Tour of Bulgaria took off from Dolna Mitropolia airport. Over 20 light aircraft will take part in the three-day event, with the finale at Bezmer Airport on Sunday.

Organizers are the Bulgarian Air Force Foundation, together with the Association of Aircraft Owners and Pilots in Bulgaria, its chairman is Ivan Nedyalkov:

“Why is this tour being carried out – to popularize aviation science, to popularize aviation in Bulgaria, as we have very distant roots, including and we have given our reflection in world aviation. One of the exciting things for every generation related to aviation today, this is the place from which the fifth tour begins. The goal – how many more people can get involved in the aviation activity and it develops”.

The start was given by the head of the WWVU Brigadier General Julian Radojski:

“On the Fifth Tour – successful flights, as many take-offs as landings, good weather and enjoy the wonderful flight over Bulgaria”.

Brigadier General Julian Radojski, head of the “G. Benkovski” Air Force Base, launched the Fifth Air Tour of Bulgaria.

Photo: Latinka Svetozarova

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