In the detention center of Burgas, there are no more places for sewers, there are not enough policemen and prosecutors, the situation is critical

In the detention center of Burgas, there are no more places for sewers, there are not enough policemen and prosecutors, the situation is critical
In the detention center of Burgas, there are no more places for sewers, there are not enough policemen and prosecutors, the situation is critical

After the tragedy on August 25, when two Burgas police officers died selflessly, the Ministry of Internal Affairs intensified the arrests of traffickers, which further complicated the situation

23 September 2022Friday, 6:03 p.m.

Author: Ivan KOLEV

Burgas region is really in a dire situation because of the migrant pressure

All investigating police officers who are at work in the Regional Police Departments on the territory of the ODMVR-Burgas, as well as the prosecutors from the respective Regional Prosecutor’s Offices, are already at the limit of their strength due to the migrant pressure that has escalated in the last 3 weeks. According to official data from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Burgas, at the moment there are 50 traffickers in the custody of the Burgas prison – with a measure of remand “in custody” for more than 72 hours. Today alone, five people were transported to the Prison.

Flagman has information from the prison in Burgas that a week ago they received an order from the General Directorate of Detention Centers to expand the department for detainees. Burgas has only one other place for arrests – in the Fifth RU, but it can only accommodate detainees with a remand for up to 72 hours.

“The detention capacity of the Jail is completely exhausted, even after the expansion,” said a management official.

Detained together with migrant traffickers, mostly posing as refugees from Afghanistan and Syria, are allocated to the closed-type center in Lyubimets. It is already overcrowded and its new residents have been living in vans for about a month. The refugee centers in Busmantsi and the base in Pastrogor are overcrowded. With a total capacity of 300, they now have over 420 people.

The fate of the migrants accommodated in the last month in Lyubimets remains unclear, as within 30 days they must, of their own accord, register with refugee status and remain on our territory – as per European regulations. However, there is no measure to oblige them to do this, and most do not wish to stay in Bulgaria.

On the one hand, our poor country must support the growing number of migrants on our territory with food and normal living conditions, and on the other hand, budget funds should also be allocated to the sewers housed in the detention centers. However, this is the smallest problem on the territory of the Burgas Region, as there are not enough investigative policemen in the respective Regional Offices.

The Ukrainians are taking over the migrant business, they caught Bonnie and Clyde in the apartment. “Copper mine”

The ODMVR-Burgas refuses official information about the condition of their employees, most of whom have not used days off for months. However, the work of prosecutors and police is rendered meaningless as the law allows traffickers to plead guilty to avoid a lengthy trial. There are cases where people who have just left prison with a suspended sentence are getting back into the business of smuggling illegal refugees through our territory.

“The Ministry of the Interior took sufficient measures to prevent a massive invasion through the fence of the Bulgarian-Turkish border, setting up sudden checkpoints of police patrols – in support of the border policemen. It is through the effective actions of the real police, not the border guards, that the number of arrests grows, but along with that, the tension for the state actors in the pre-trial proceedings. We are really in a dire situation,” said an official of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The institutions in Burgas are of the opinion that the Main Directorate “Border Police” has investigating police officers who are currently not busy with conducting similar proceedings. In the city of Burgas, the investigators from the ODMVR only have three translators available, and even the lack of this factor alone has led to a total exhaustion of their forces.

The most scandalous thing is that only on September 5 in RDGP-Elhovo they “managed” to develop rules for the action of their own employees upon receiving a signal of pursuit of a car or of persons who did not comply with the orders of the control authorities. The carelessness in RDGP-Elhovo has turned out to be so great that even now there is no order for disclosure on their part to the various structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in such extreme cases.

It turns out that what happened today in the Haskovo Regional Government with the declaration of a partial state of emergency due to the migrant pressure in the municipalities of Topolovgrad and Svilengrad is insignificant in view of the situation in the Burgas Region. This morning Haskovo regional governor Minko Angelov complained that border police crashed their cars on the unmaintained forest roads while chasing the migrants and asked for help from the state to repair them.

For the regional governor of Burgas, Prof. Maria Neikova, it is not known at the moment that she has called the leaders of the state’s repressive apparatus to hear what the real problems are in recent days.

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