animal abusers and “dogs”

* After the video with the bullying of the four-legged Mecho, a war broke out on social networks, and on Friday there will be the first such protest in front of the Courthouse

* An associate professor who defends the rapist Zahari Shulev and offers to kill for pay, may lose his job

* The rector of the Forestry University is waiting for an explanation from his professor until Thursday

A new division split modern Bulgarians. They are no longer attacked only along the lines of paper – machine voting. Even more violently they curse “for” and “against” dogs and generally on the subject of “violence against animals”.

This social revolution against people who mistreat four-legged friends broke out after the case of 37-year-old Zahari Shulev. He was detained at the request of the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office for bullying the nationally famous dog Mecho.

The scandal became famous after a video on social networks – how a man lures a four-legged animal before midnight, and after a few hours returns, carries the animal in his arms and throws it on the side of the road.

A teddy bear has been found

with broken bones

and lacerations

People who live near where the video was shot say the violence has been going on for years. Mutilated corpses of dogs and cats were found there, but there was no reaction from the authorities.

The organization Animal Rescue Sofia searched for security camera footage and published the video. First, however, she filed a complaint against Shulev on November 4, but since there was no reaction until November 17, she distributed the video publicly. And after widespread public pressure, the arrest was made a week ago.

Zahari Shulev was charged that from 11:45 p.m. on October 23 to 2:42 a.m. on October 24 in the metropolitan district “Kniazhevo” he showed cruelty to a vertebrate animal, causing it serious or permanent damage. The act was committed in a particularly torturous manner and with particular cruelty.

A pre-trial proceeding was instituted for the crime of cruelty to a vertebrate animal. The law provides for a penalty of “imprisonment” from 1 to 3 years and a fine from 2,000 to 5,000 BGN.

The measure of Shulev, who is appealing his detention in custody, is yet to be considered. Animal rights groups, which are pushing for changes to the law, suspect that although he is currently in custody, Zachary will only receive a fine. Therefore, on Friday, November 25, at 10 a.m., a protest is being organized in front of the Courthouse in Sofia with a request for the maximum sentence.

Along with checking the cameras for Mecho’s case, video evidence appeared that Shulev also abused another dog that had disappeared. Violence against animals is a crime of a general nature and the prosecution has self-reported.

However, the story of Mecho the dog and the video with Zahari Shulev also opened

new, wider

front against

abusers of


From a Facebook comment against animal advocates “in the spotlight” comes a person who was going to go live at the protest in front of the Courthouse to ask the gathered what they are looking for, as neither the case will be heard there, nor will it go to court in the coming days.

And summarizes – dog work. Subsequently, a photo was circulated of how the same person appeared in front of the 6th district in defense of the detained Zahari.

“Pandora’s box” for him has already been opened – from current publications about the “puppies”, for the protection of Shulev, whose home was broken into by a “wild crowd” and “really with the cooperation of the police”, through a discussion of how the use of antifreeze liquids for freezing animals is “an effective method, but too trivial for my artistic soul”, to public offers to “deal with street dog problems” as far back as 8+ years ago.

An old advertisement with the following text is circulating on social networks: Got a problem with stray dogs? They annoy you, you don’t want to see them

or simply

you hate them

and canines,

who feed them? Don’t delay, call us, we are a task force for mass killing of scavengers. And here are the options we can offer you: Shooting – BGN 70 per unit. Poisoning – BGN 50 per piece. The price includes cleaning.

The names and contact numbers of Andrey Kurtenkov – veterinarian and associate professor at the Forestry University, and Svetlin Minkov – photographer are left under this advertisement on the site.

Older materials are also being circulated that talk about shadow lord on the streets of Lyulin for the topics discussed and participation in research on animal response to lacerations.

An online petition was immediately organized for the “dismissal and imprisonment” of Associate Professor Kurtenkov. Organizations and citizens have also submitted numerous signals directly to the management of the Forestry University.

“I asked in writing

explanation by Assoc.

Andrey Kurtenkov,

as per the Labor Code. I expect him to bring it to me on Thursday. He explained that he would consult with a lawyer.” This is what the rector of the Forestry University Prof. Ivan Iliev told “24 Chasa”.

Prof. Kurtenkov has been a teacher in the specialty “Veterinary Medicine” for many years. Prof. Iliev explained that so far they have not had problems of a similar nature with him.

Animal advocates called the university to report the veterinary medicine lecturer. I myself have a kitten, my first one died, so I do not share such actions at all, Prof. Iliev, rector of the Forestry University, also shared.

Prof. Andrey Kurtenkov’s phone is switched off.

Animal defenders have given an ultimatum to the Forestry University – that

if the associate professor does not

be removed

will start

protests and

the university

Shocking photos of killed, dismembered, cut dogs, shared by the photographer Svetlin Minkov, were also published in various Facebook groups.

He also could not be reached for official comment on the subject. After the social media revolution erupted, his wedding photography page was taken down. However, the brutal footage of dogs, accompanied by texts about the accompanying actions, continues to circulate. Svetlin Minkov wrote to a horrifying photo of a dog with its belly ripped open and its entrails hanging out: Our first castration. Yes, it didn’t work, I guess I needed an anesthetic and something smaller than a scraping knife, but for a first try it’s not bad. On another shot with a dead animal, his comment is: If you are looking for a lost guard dog – look no further, we have found her.

He also posted photos of cut off dog paws and wrote: Here’s a lucky rabbit’s foot. All keen canine zoophiles can use it as a pleasure tool.

The photographer also communicates with Andrey Kurtenkov on social networks. In one of his posts, the associate professor states: I am officially opening the first “Night” free of scavengers in the district of “Lyulin”! Fire! Svetlin Minkov answers him: In Sofia, the people en masse have fun targeting the cleaners with pirates, I feel satanic satisfaction.

Another of Kurtenkov’s posts is: The kids said they wanted a dog for Christmas. We usually roast a turkey, but if you decide to. And a long discussion by like-minded people follows. A user whose name was Hristo Pantaleev and then changed it to Hristo Happy Happy wondered if it was better to cook the meat in a pressure cooker because it became tough in a normal one. Kurtenkov explains in detail how he throws it on the barbecue so that the skin becomes crispy.

Hristo Dangovski, who writes: You can always draw a still life, for example with a machete. And for more sophisticated ones, with a crossbow.

More than 1,200 ask Demerdzhiev and Geshev for checks on killed and tortured animals

More than 1,200 people have signed by November 23 a complaint to the Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev and the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev with a request not just for an investigation of the “Mecho” case, but also “that all similar crimes be taken much more seriously by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecution”.

“Dear Mr. Demerdzhiev,

Please, as the Minister of the Interior, order an investigation to be carried out, whether any reports have been filed in connection with the person Zahari Shulev on phone 112 and in 6 RU-SDVR in the last 5 years, whether an investigation has been carried out on them by the Ministry of the Interior and what were the actions taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this regard.

Please also order that an investigation be carried out on whether reports of found corpses of tortured and killed animals in the “Knyazhevo” district have been submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and on telephone number 112, whether inspections have been carried out on these cases and what were the specific actions of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Please check whether the perpetrators of the crimes in these cases have been found.

We insist on specific answers, is the statement of Shulev’s neighbors true, that when reporting animals screaming in terror and pain, the only actions of the employees of the 6 RU-SDVR were to warn Zahari Shulev not to make noise, as the same never they did not check why the animals scream and what exactly the person is doing with them.

We insist on specific answers as to why the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not identified Shulev and stopped the crimes committed by him for 10 years,” reads the complaint prepared by lawyer Marieta Karadjova.

“Dear Mr. Attorney General,

We ask you to order a check to be carried out on how many prosecutorial files have been opened in connection with crimes under Art. 325a, Art. 325b and Art. 325c of the NC in the country in the last 5 years. Please order an investigation into the number of animal abuse prosecution cases where perpetrators have been charged and brought to trial.

We insist that the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Bulgaria begins to treat the crimes related to violence against animals with the necessary attention and seriousness and begin to use the entire state apparatus that is in its power to uncover them,” reads the part of the complaint to Ivan Geshev.

“As citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria, we no longer wish to live in fear that someday one of the people who have been torturing and killing animals with impunity for years will attack a person,” the text also says.

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