Alec Baldwin reveals if he and his wife Hilaria plan to have more children


Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are one of Hollywood’s big families, and judging by the photos they upload to their social networks, they’re quite together. They are the parents of seven children – Carmen Gabriela (10 years old), Rafael Thomas (8 years old), Leonardo Angel Charles (7 years old), Romeo Alejandro David (5 years old), Eduardo Pao Lucas (3 years old), Maria Lucia Victoria (2 years) and Ilaria Catalina Irena (1 year). However, Alec Baldwin’s first child, Ireland Baldwin (27), is with his ex Kim Basinger.

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Given that the 65-year-old actor’s children are only a year or two apart in age and his eighth baby was born last year, it’s somewhat expected that people will be wondering if he and his wife are planning a next one anytime soon. And the answer comes from Alec Baldwin himself on Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa.

In front of his colleague, the actor categorically states that he is now completely sure that he does not want to have any more children. However, she still decides to ask him if he is really convinced of this, and to answer Baldwin tells about his recent visit to a surgeon.

The actor revealed that during a recent operation, he almost had to cut a nerve in an area near his pelvis. Then he joked with the doctor that if he wanted to, he could just rip it out because he didn’t need it anymore.

However, the presenter says that even after the removal of the nerve, the possibility of conception remains. Alec Baldwin continued to joke, “I’m afraid that even if I say the word ‘baby’ every woman within 50 or 100 feet of me will get pregnant.”

After the conversation gets more serious at one point, Kelly Ripa asks the actor if he always knew he wanted a big family. And this time, however, he is quite categorical and answers quickly with “no”.

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Alec Baldwin explains that he and his wife Hilaria just had a period of “baby fever” where for a while after each birth, they wished they had another baby.

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