Al Pacino and Nur Alfala Five Months After Their Son’s Birth – Child Support Details, Custody and Are They Still Together


Just over a year after it was revealed that Al Pacino was dating 29-year-old Noor Alfalah, we learned that they had a child together. The two have been together since April 2022, and in June of this year they became parents of a boy named Roman.

What’s really going on between Al Pacino and his 29-year-old girlfriend

They seem to have a very complicated relationship

In September, it surprisingly turned out that the girlfriend of the 83-year-old actor filed for full custody of their child, and an agreement was reached a month later. It specifies both custody and visitation schedules for the child and child support.

According to the documents, Al Pacino will have to pay Nur Alfala $110,000 in one lump sum, and then $30,000 in “basic” alimony every month. However, it is mentioned that by the end of the year, the actor may have to pay an additional $90,000, depending on his earnings. In addition, he will also put $15,000 a year into a fund for Roman’s education and fully cover his medical expenses, which are not covered by insurance.

As for custody, it is primarily awarded to Nur Alfala, while Pacino has visitation rights. In the future, the couple will also agree on how to distribute their vacations.

Here is the time to specify that the paternity of the actor, who is most likely not separated from his girlfriend, is recognized in the documents. According to an Entertainment Tonight source last month, Al Pacino and Noor Alfalah are still together.

“Al and Noor worked hard to reach a mutual agreement regarding their child Roman,” the informant revealed. When asked what, in such a case, prompted the actor’s girlfriend to apply for custody, however, he replied that this should be asked of her.

One baby and three months later – is Al Pacino breaking up with his girlfriend of 29 years

What will happen to their son Roman Alfala Pacino

Five-month-old Roman is Al Pacino’s youngest child. The actor is the father of three more – these are 33-year-old Julie Pacino from his previous relationship with Ian Tarrant and 22-year-old twins Olivia and Anton Pacino from his relationship with Beverly D’Angelo.

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