Three films not to be missed from the Kinomania 2023 program


From November 16 to December 3, viewers will be able to watch the best films of the past year in world cinema, as well as eternal classics, with which Kinomania pays tribute to the great masters of the seventh art.

Already tickets are on sale for Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture and Cinema “Lumier”, as well as for partner cinemas “Odeon”, Dom na kinotto, Euro Cinema, G8 Cultural Center, “Vlaikova” cinema and “Slaveykov” hall.

Traditionally, among the highlights of the program are a number of national premieres of the best of the past year in world cinema, as well as eternal classics, with which Kinomania pays tribute to the great masters of the seventh art.

Here are three films you can watch at Kinomania 2023.

1.“Lessons of Goodness” (2023), director – Stefan Komandarev

This film is a must-see not only because it is Bulgaria’s Oscar proposal, but also because it opens (November 16 at 7:00 p.m. in Hall 1 of the NDK) this year’s Kinomania.

There is no way to follow the pulse of world cinema if we do not follow the pulse of Bulgarian cinema with every new proposal that appears, especially with awards from film festivals from different parts of the world.

In its short journey from Golden Rose to Cinemamania, “The Lessons of Kindness” has already managed to win the following awards: the Grand Jury Prize at the Rome Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize and the Critics’ Prize at the CinEast Festival in Luxembourg!

“Lessons of Goodness” also triumphed at the film festival in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, winning three awards, including the Crystal Globe award for best film!

2. “Jean du Barry: The King’s Favorite” (2023), director: Maiwen

This is the film that triumphantly opened the Cannes festival and marked the return of actor Johnny Depp to the big screen. Director Maiwen pays tribute to the legendary fate of the famous Jean du Barry – courtesan and favorite of King Louis XV.

Shot on film and amidst the opulence of the Palace of Versailles, the film follows Jeanne’s incredible journey from a girl of humble origins to a favorite of the king, who quickly falls out of favor in the years after his death. Writer, director and performer of the title role, Maiwen tightens the corset of her heroine and is worthy partner of Hollywood legend Johnny Depp, who plays King Louis XV.

Despite his good command of the French language from the years of his marriage to Vanessa Paradis, Depp underwent a special training course to achieve the specific pronunciation of the Moliere era.

3.“Pure Luck” (2023), director: Woody Allen

Pure Luck” is the 50th film of the iconic American director, in which he demonstrates acrobatics in filmmaking. In the tradition of crime intrigue from his films “Match Point” and “Cassandra’s Dream”, Woody Allen presents his film shot as a French production – with French financing, French actors in the lead roles and dialogue entirely in French – the new film from living legend Woody Allen is a twisted love story of betrayal and revenge.

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