Madame Web trailer with Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney


Sony has serious plans to expand their superhero universe and not just rely on Spider-Man. The first steps have been taken with the two Venom solo films, with a third in the works.

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We also saw Morbius, but it was a major failure in almost every way. The next new addition will be Madame Webstarring Dakota Johnson.

After hearing about the film for over a year, now we can finally see what it’s all about because the first trailer has been released.

In it we see how Cassandra Webb (Johnson) has clairvoyant powers and can see into the future. However, this is something new for her and she has yet to understand why all this is happening to her.

Fate brings her together with three other young women, among whom is Julia Carpenter (Sidney Sweeney). Like they’re all screwed because a mysterious villain is hot on their heels.

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In the trailer, we see that it is Carpenter who will be the female version of Spider-Man. We have no way of knowing if the film will be able to surpass its already mentioned predecessors, but at least on the level of the trailer, it seems to us that it will be in the same vein.

Madame Web is in cinemas from February 14

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