Sidney Sweeney – Her family went bankrupt while she struggled to break through as an actress

Sidney Sweeney – Her family went bankrupt while she struggled to break through as an actress
Sidney Sweeney – Her family went bankrupt while she struggled to break through as an actress

The success story of Sidney Sweeney, familiar to viewers from the hit “Euphoria”, is not like those sugar-coated movies where fame comes like magic. With a click of your fingers.

The actress and her family have endured a number of hardships as they wait for the big moment when Sydney’s acting talent will finally be noticed.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Sweeney revealed that her parents were on the edge of their financial means, and she was hesitant to give up on her dream of being an actress, shortly before joining the cast of Euphoria.

“I watched his parents lose all their money. We sold our house and slept at our friends’ houses. When we came to audition in LA, we stayed in run-of-the-mill motels,” says the 26-year-old actress.

The financial pressure on Sydney’s family has continued for years, but she says the months leading up to Euphoria’s runaway success were the most agonizing.

Together with her parents and brother, they shared a motel room in Los Angeles, as the prices in the “city of angels” were beyond their means. And they could not afford any other expenses, except for food.

In a previous interview on the Awards Chatter podcast, the actress also shared that the predicament made her rethink her desire to work in Hollywood.

Vacations were also an unpleasant moment for Sydney, when she and her parents went home to her native state of Washington.

Then the actress met with each of her relatives and had to swallow the embarrassment that her career was still on the wane.

Sydney’s entire family knew how much sacrifice her mother and father made to give her a chance to pursue her dream.

“Our profession is such that when you fail, everyone knows,” the star told the podcast.

Sweeney left school at the age of 14, convinced that she wanted to make it in the film industry, and her parents decided to support her, regardless of the means it would cost them.

Their suffering ends when Sydney is cast as Cassie in the hit series Euphoria.

The actress has been overwhelmed by positive reviews for the performance, especially after the second season of the series, in which her character takes center stage.

Euphoria’s success has also been accompanied by contracts with major cosmetics brands such as Armani and Miu Miu, the proceeds of which have allowed Sweeney and her family to get back on their feet.

As a gift to her parents, who have not given up helping her even in the most difficult times, Sydney buys their family home.

“It’s hard when you don’t know anyone in the industry. And it’s amazing how despite everything they’ve been through, they[her parents]haven’t stopped supporting me,” says Sweeney.

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