He grew up in boarding schools, but to date he is a real star

He grew up in boarding schools, but to date he is a real star
He grew up in boarding schools, but to date he is a real star
The mystery of Sofia24.bg is related to one, an actor who was born on November 23, 1966 in Paris. His father’s name is Jean-Pierre Cassel and he is a prominent French actor and dancer. His mother, Sabine Litik, is a journalist. Did you recognize him? It’s about Vincent Cassel. By the age of 5, Cassel knew he wanted to be an actor. From a very young age, he watched movies all night in his grandfather’s movie theater. Vincent grew up with his father, behind the scenes in the theater and on the sets. His parents divorced and his mother moved to New York.

However, his father clearly has a hard time taking care of Vincent and sends him to a boarding school. The future actor ran away from the boarding school three times, and even then he understood that he should never leave his child in such a place. At the age of 16, he entered the circus academy of Ani Fratellini. His debut in the cinema was with the film “The Keys of Paradise” (1991). Immediately after that he became famous for the role of Vinz in the film of Mathieu Kasowitz – “Hate” (1995). In this film he plays the role of the Jew Vince. For this role, Vincent Cassel was nominated for a César Award in two categories: Best Film Debut and Best Actor.

He began filming in major productions in 2000 with the films “Brotherhood of the Wolves” directed by Christoph Gan and “Purple Rivers”, where he again worked with director Mathieu Kasowitz. In 2004, he starred in “Ocean’s Gang 2”, and in 2007 in “Ocean’s Gang 3”. In 2008, Vincent Cassel portrayed the legendary gangster Jacques Mesrin in the two biographical films by director Jean-François Richie, Mesrin: Death Instinct and Mesrin: Public Enemy #1. This role earned him a César Award for Best Actor, and Jean François Richie was also awarded a César for directing.

Vincent participated in the recording of the songs from Zap Mama’s album – “ReCreation”. He sings on the tracks “Paroles, Paroles” and “Non, Non, Non”.

In 1999, he married actress Monica Bellucci. The two met during the filming of the movie “The Apartment”. They got married in 1999, but they live separately – one in Paris and the other in Rome. This did not change even when their two daughters – Deva and Leonie – were born. . Kassel and Bellucci divorced in 2013.

They met his second wife, Tina Kunaki, in 2015 while on vacation in Ibiza. They got married in 2018 in the French town of Bidar. In April 2019, their baby girl, Amazoni, was born.

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