The most terrifying scene in “Blonde” – John Kennedy rapes Marilyn Monroe

The most terrifying scene in “Blonde” – John Kennedy rapes Marilyn Monroe
The most terrifying scene in “Blonde” – John Kennedy rapes Marilyn Monroe

Attention! The text contains spoilers for the movie “Blonde”.

At the end of this month, the streaming service Netflix is ​​scheduled to release the movie “Blonde”, dedicated to the movie icon Marilyn Monroe.

The premiere of the film from director Andrew Dominique, starring Ana de Armas, was met with high critical evaluations after the first screening at the Venice Film Festival, but it seems that the historical facts will take a backseat to the explosive and highly disturbing scenes.

Already from the trailer for “Blonde”, it became clear that Dominique will try to present a different cinematic portrait of Marilyn, emphasizing her isolation, problems with mental stability and the actress’s unresolved traumas, using all kinds of extreme elements to enhance these feelings .

From the earliest stages of her life portraying Norma Jean’s mentally ill mother trying to drown her baby in the bathtub, to Monroe’s Hollywood breakthrough, which consisted of an executive raping her at his desk during an audition , the Netflix film project promises that it won’t be the traditional biopic about the red lipstick icon.

One of the most memorable and deeply disturbing scenes, however, turns out to be Marilyn’s meeting with US President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

It begins with the actress taking her regular dose of sleeping pills while traveling to New York. She gets off the plane in a daze when two Secret Service agents meet her.

“There is nothing sexual between me and the president. This is a meeting of two people,” the blonde tells the secret agents who lead her to an undisclosed location to meet John F. Kennedy, played by Casper Phillipson.

They drop her off at a hotel, where she changes clothes and, slightly disoriented, makes her way to Kennedy’s bedroom. She finds him lying on the bed talking on the phone.

“Nice to see you, honey. Today was a hell of a day,” he tells the actress, pulling her hand down his pants.

The camera then cuts to Marilyn’s horrified face as the president grabs the back of her head and presses her head against his penis. For a minute, she forcibly gives him oral sex, and then a voiceover says, “Just don’t throw up. Try to swallow.”

With his next move in the film, Kennedy gags Marilyn, throws her onto the bed, and rapes her.

Although there is no historical evidence to show that John F. Kennedy sexually assaulted Marilyn Monroe, the recently released documentary The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes suggests that there was aggression in their relationship.

“I can identify with the Jews. They are always persecuted no matter what they do,” Marilyn told her friend Susan Strasberg to describe her difficult life.

And although certain periods of her biography will be highly dramatized, and others – fictional, “Blonde” will try to show exactly this sacrificial nature of the actress.

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