The film “Mother” was disqualified from the Oscars because it did not meet the rules

The new Bulgarian film “Mother” was disqualified from the Oscars in the “Best International Film” category.

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The reason is that the film does not meet the rules of the Academy because more than 50% of the dialogues in it are in English.

On Facebook, director Zornitsa Sofia defended the production and the use of a foreign language as necessary for the authentic narrative.


Photo: Getty Images/Gulliver Photos

According to the National Film Center, the Academy’s criteria are not clear.

“We don’t know exactly what the committee measures as speech – whether songs, captions, etc. are included. + 0.09 It is very important to say that Bulgaria has not lost its right to participate in the procedure. They will gather again and broadcast another representative from the remaining films,” said Petar Todorov, director of the National Film Center.

The topic caused a response in the film guild in our country.


“This is not about the merits of a film. The film can be genius, it can be from France, from Germany or Nicaragua, the important thing is that it meets the criteria. There is no conspiracy, there is no anti-Bulgarian campaign, you just have to follow the rules,” said Deyan Statulov, film critic

The deadline for submitting a new Bulgarian proposal is until October 3rd.

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