It’s hard with him, but I’m very happy…

The beautiful flower of rhythmic gymnastics Tsveti Stoyanova not only rose like a phoenix from the ashes after the accident in which she miraculously survived, but she is also currently experiencing something wonderful.

The former gymnast is shooting the film “Chalga” with the team of actor Marian Valev, which we will see in theaters in March next year.

“I didn’t expect that it would be so difficult for me. To begin with, I play a “sickly thin girl” in the script and I had to lose 16 kilograms to weigh 51. I’m 1.75 cm tall. I lived on an apple a day, a few walnuts and med, but I’m used to gymnastics. I can’t say if it’s more difficult in the gym or with the Hook, but I’m really happy because I’m doing something I’ve only dreamed of,” Tsveti said. In the film, she plays the secondary role, while the main one is for Eleonora Ivanova, writes “I’ve been to so many international competitions, I’ve been responsible, but there was a scene shortly before that I was all shaking because I had to go out and swear and shout at random passers-by, insult them. I was afraid that someone might react and even it happened, but a person from the team said we were filming and the man pulled away,” Tsveti explained.

“My grandmother Tsetsa would have approved of me appearing in the movie Chalga. She, unfortunately, didn’t have the chance to know that something like this would happen to me. There isn’t a day when I don’t think about her. I dream of her rarely, but it comes at my worst moments when I have to make decisions and it’s very difficult for me. On several occasions it has come with very important answers.” This is what the beauty said about her dearest person.

“The film is connected with music, but the last thing I connect is chalga and music. The synonym of “chalga” is superficiality. We can find chalga everywhere. The truth is that I wrote “Chalga” for Tsveti Stoyanova. Of course, not entirely , but I attached the plot to some part of her biography”, shared the talented Marian Valev, who surprised the actors several times on the set.

“Chalga” is an independent project in which our most famous actors participate – Viktor Kalev, Lyubo Neikov, Krastyu Lafazanov, Dimitar Rachkov, Marian Valev himself and many others. The story is about a girl who dreams of becoming a singer and pursues her dreams. Somewhere along the way to those dreams, she finds friendship. At the end, she is faced with an important choice – whether to choose her fulfilled dreams or friendship.

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