National Geographic with a killer Costa del Croco film

National Geographic with a killer Costa del Croco film
National Geographic with a killer Costa del Croco film

One of the owners of the land, Anna Ivanova, has been waiting for a solution to the case for years, but there is none

27 November 2022Sunday, 8:00 p.m.

Author: Flagman

More than 60 million euros were invested in the project of the Russian mafia

National Geographic has broadcast a killer film about the unbuilt Costa del Croco near Tsarevo. An entry on social networks was published on the profile of Slavi Trifonov, who described the story as “very instructive”.

The construction of the complex began in 2007 and many defined it as a completely new city, because its capacity was for 2500 people. It was planned to have a five-star hotel, a residential and commercial complex, a business center, an administrative building, a hospital, etc., with a total built-up area of ​​over 60 thousand square meters. The completion of the project was expected in 2009, but then construction stopped and today the concrete complex looks like a ghost town.

The story surrounding the investor in the project – the Laudis Holding Group operating with Russian capital, which promised to invest more than 60 million euros in the complex – is also dark. The manager of the bankrupt company-investor is Andrey Panpurin, and the owner is Konstantin Tsiganov. The two are believed to be among the bosses of the Russian mafia group “OPS Uralmash”.

The sunset of “Costa del Croco” occurred not only because of obligations of the developer to the financing bank and the builder during the years of the vacation property crisis, but also because of problems with the investor himself.

In July 2010, they were expelled from Bulgaria by order of the chairman of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) Tsvetlin Yovchev, along with four other mobsters – Leonid Berenbaun, billionaire Roman Miretsky-Brilanta, Ofer Miretsky and Anatoly Dremlyug.

More than 8 years ago, a private bailiff tried to sell the unbuilt complex for just over BGN 1 million, but there was no one to buy it.

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