Emil Dimitrov’s son sues the chalga performer of “My Country”

Emil Dimitrov’s son sues the chalga performer of “My Country”
Emil Dimitrov’s son sues the chalga performer of “My Country”
“A few days ago, they sent me a summons. Through his lawyer, Emil Dimitrov’s son filed a lawsuit against me initially for BGN 5,000, and later for another BGN 15,000 for copyrights,” said the rapper from Knezha, Christopher Galovski – Faraona. Again, the singer first told the newspaper a few months ago that he was afraid of being left with his three children and his partner on the street because of the enormous amount for his income, which he would have to pay as pop to the pop star’s heir, if Dimitrov-son won the case.

The name of Galovski, who is a finalist from “The Voice of Bulgaria”, became a scandal because of his cheesy version of Emil Dimitrov’s hit “My Country”. Colleagues of the pop legend jumped against the Pharaoh because of what they thought was his joke with the unofficial anthem of Bulgaria. And Emil Dimitrov Jr. hastened to declare in the media that he would sue the young performer for violating his hereditary copyright on the famous piece.

The provincial rapper has “tied his pants” in front of Themis, ordering a private examination at his own expense. The experts’ conclusions, he says, are encouraging for him and pessimistic for the opposing party. “The people who prepared the expertise, and they are proven specialists in their field, found that my song “My Germany” is in 9/8 time. It is a classical dance, a professional folk performance, it is written in every music theory textbook . And Emil Dimitrov’s is in 9/8 and the genre is blues, ballad. My piece is biharmonic, and theirs is in natural major,” explains Faraona. “That’s why there’s no way in terms of music they can win against me in court,” concludes the singer.

His dialogue with Borislav Andreev, the son of Emil Dimitrov’s lyricist and his closest friend until his death – Vasil Andreev, turned out to be the complete opposite of what was described some time ago by Galovski. “Bulgaria Today” contacted Vasil Andreev’s successor and he said the following verbatim: “This person quoted my greeting and the nice words I said about his performance, and why did he forget to say that he has no right to perform without permission in such a version the joint song of my father and Emil Dimitrov?” asked Borislav Andreev rhetorically.

“I have recorded his words,” countered Pharaoh to the newspaper. What is more important in this case is that Andreev-sin did not file a claim in court against the executor from Knezha. But…still!

“Even if they do sue, if I win, I’m going to counter sue them for the same amount,” Christopher Galowski threatened. He is adamant that he will not surrender without a fight and let his house be taken for the sake of the possible borch. “Vasil Andreev’s son has no chance against me in terms of the text, because in “My Germany” there are only a few words that are common to those in “My Bulgaria”, everything else is different. The private examination proved this as well.” once again struck his opponents Pharaoh with a strong trump card.

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