Toto returns on a white horse

Toto returns on a white horse
Toto returns on a white horse
The scandalous rapper Yonislav Yotov – Toto from “SkandaU” decided to put on a heroic halo after he had to stop his podcast “Pri Toto” in the summer because of the inadequate reaction during an interview with Titi Papazov.

Recently, the showman dusted off the cover under which he had been hiding and released tickets for a concert in the largest Bulgarian hall together with his duet partner Lacho. Over the weekend, he announced that he was bringing back his podcast because no one could tell him what to do. “You think you can tell us what to do?” With this question, Toto addressed everyone, whose reaction this summer forced him to stop his well-earned podcast. The sentence is written in English, probably because the rapper thinks it’s important that foreigners can also read and understand it.

It is a commentary on a short video from his podcast studio. Thus, it became clear that the internet show is coming back with new episodes.

It was stopped within three months – from the end of July until now. This became necessary after an excerpt from an old interview of the rapper in “Pri Toto” with basketball coach Titi Papazov came to light. He tells with a laugh how in his youth he cut his ex-boyfriend’s hair because after their breakup she had another boyfriend. Toto was overflowing with laughter, and the topic in question was spread after the incident with the cut and shaved Deborah from Stara Zagora.

Outraged people jumped on the two men enjoying themselves. One took him down for his inhuman act and how he still looks at it as a fun fact of his past to this day, and the other for his inadequate reaction that shows a complete lack of sympathy and concern for the things going on in his studio. Due to the strong public reaction, Toto’s performances were canceled and his advertisers pulled out – no one wanted to associate his products with the scandalous rapper.

Three months later, however, he is back on a white horse and is even making himself a hero for the revival of his podcast. In addition to Titi Papazov, some of the most popular Bulgarians such as Slavi Trifonov, Maggie Halvadzhiyan, Evtim Miloshev and others have been guests. It is currently unclear who will be Toto’s first guest following the return of his show. Fans want the rapper to rub the noses of his critics by inviting Titi Papazov again, writes “Weekend”.

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