Priscilla Presley with new revelations about Elvis

Priscilla Presley with new revelations about Elvis
Priscilla Presley with new revelations about Elvis

In a recent public event held in Las Vegas, Priscilla Presley openly talked about her career and especially her personal life. The 78-year-old actress even revealed why during her six-year marriage with Elvis Presley they had no other child, except for the late Lisa Marie.

In front of the 400 in attendance, Priscilla shared that it was her husband who did not want another child after the couple welcomed their daughter in 1968.

“Elvis had a very busy schedule, was constantly traveling and felt guilty that he didn’t spend enough time with Lisa, especially when she was younger. So he was convinced that it was not a good idea to have another child,” said the rock star’s wife, writes

Priscilla and Elvis’ romance is documented in the new film Priscilla, directed by Oscar winner Sofia Coppola. The film, which is already in cinemas, describes the love story between the famous couple – from the moment they meet for the first time in Germany. Coppola used Priscilla’s 1985 memoir Elvis and Me as the basis for the screenplay.

In the role of Priscilla Presley we will see Caylee Spaney, and in this one of Elvis Presley – Jacob Elordi, known from the series “Euphoria”.

Spaney recently shared with People what it was like to transform into Priscilla on set. “Everyone worked incredibly hard,” the 25-year-old actress said of the film’s crew, who handled hair, makeup and wardrobe to bring Priscilla’s classic look to life. And while some of the wigs were “quite heavy” for Kaylee, she actually enjoyed being seen in this way.

And in order to get into the image as faithfully as possible and to recreate the mannerisms, Spiney spends some time with Priscilla herself. And notes: “She is a woman from another era.”

Priscilla Presley recently talked about her desire to be buried at Graceland, near her ex-husband, who died in 1977. Her daughter Lisa Marie and her son Benjamin are also buried there, as well as Elvis’ father Vernon and his grandmother Minnie.

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